10 Reasons Why Being A Spendthrift In Your 20s Is Okay!

10 Reasons Why Being A Spendthrift In Your 20s Is Okay!

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“Live Life King Size”, said a wise man once. And, if you’re 20 something and a reckless spender and totally okay with it, then here are the signs why you’re a happy spendthrift.

1. You live the present, the future doesn’t matter

Talks like “Save for a better future.”, “You need money for emergencies” bore you to death. You spend and you spend well on anything and everything that makes you happy.

2. You become kindhearted. You spend a lot on others

You always pay for the bills when you have the money without asking for it back. You shower gifts on your family, lovers and friends when you have the money without thinking twice. You also lend the money if you have it without making a note of your upcoming expenses.

3.Small achievements call for royal treats:

Received a compliment from the boss at work? It calls for a celebration. Shed a few inches at the gym, you go for some expensive shopping. Closest friend got a boyfriend/girlfriend, you treat everyone. Smallest reasons to be happy come with royal treats.

4. Rate cards will not scare you

Liked something at a mall, you buy it. Wish to eat something really expensive at a dessert place, you order it. The rate doesn’t matter, the happiness of getting it matters to you the most.

5. It’s not about Quantity, it’s about the Quality

You always have the excuse when your parents ask you the need of buying something that was not worth spending.

6. Spending money is your Comfort Zone

You are always happy because you have zero regrets. You make yourself happy and others. You have no expectations and no complaints. Your spending is your own choice. And, it’s your own money. You don’t have to justify your expenditure.

7. Pay Day is a festival, you religiously celebrate

Once you see the salary credited to your account or a pay check on your work desk, you have the biggest smile and best celebration of the month. You embrace every hour of the day. You are super excited and a list of things planned for the night. You have surfed enough and shopped online already.

8. Being broke is casual

When you get broke before the month ends, you are totally casual about it. It’s nothing that freaks you out. It gives you a chance to stay indoor and spend sometime with yourself or the family for a change.

9. Skipping a bill payment doesn’t bother you

Got broke before paying a bill? It’s okay. It might add some interest in the next round and you plan to pay a little extra. Electricity cut? You don’t crib during crises. You live it happily and without being sorry about it.

10. “It’s my money!”

Every time you get lectured for running out of money, this is what you say it with some real pride: “It’s my money. I’ll spend it the way I want to!”

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