10 Netflix Shows You Need To Binge-Watch Right Now!

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10 Netflix Shows You Need To Binge-Watch Right Now!

Scrolling through the Netflix list and can’t figure out what to watch? Here’s what you got to add to your watchlist now. Netflix India is streaming some of the most interesting English TV Shows you cannot, NOT watch!

All the shows are intense. There’s Drama, Action, Mystery, Crime, Comedy and Animation too. A list of complete attention grabbing TV Shows, you can now watch back-to-back.

1. Sense8 (Drama, Mystry, Sci-Fi)

8 Strangers from different part of the world share a psychic connection. Eventually realizing that they are grouped as “sensates” they all live their everyday lives and try to figure out they are connected to each other. A gripping masterpiece, you need to start watching right away!

2. Mad Men (Drama)

The show is an absolute classic which ended with 92 episodes in the year of 2015. Set in the 1960s, the show is based on an advertising agency in New York. Mad Men term is referred to the people working in the agency.

3. The Crown (Drama, History)

An award winning show, The Crown represents a biographical story about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom.

4. Ozark (Crime, Drama, Thriller)

Too much in love with Breaking Bad? Here’s another one that takes you deep. Ozark shows a life of a Financial Broker who hides his family to Missouri Lake. He must launder $500 million to appease a drug boss.

5. Fargo (Crime, Drama, Thriller)

The story following an anthology format, set in a different era with new characters appearing all the time with a minor overlap. The show takes you back to the 1970s where a young police officer is back from Vietnam. He is in charge of solving the the “true crimes” of the city. The entire show is involved with a lot of characters linked on common hint. The script has won an award of Outstanding writing and acting.

6. Rick And Morty (Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi)

First, this show is gross but very, very hilarious. There’s too much burping. But, it will give you an ache because you’re going to laugh holding your stomach. The super scientist and not-to-bright grandson keep escaping to infinite adventures causing mayhem and running into trouble.

7. Archer (Animation, Action, Comedy)

Sterling Archer is the world’s most dangerous spy. He with his co-workers sabotage one another’s missions and lives just for fun.

8. Vikings (Action, Drama, History)

Vikings is a tribe and the entire TV show is based on Ragnar Lothbrok’s saga. If you love Game of Thrones, then Vikings will totally make you fall for it.

9. Narcos (Biography, Crime, Drama)

If you haven’t watched it yet, then watch this RIGHT NOW. The drug lord Pablo Escobar grows and spreads the cocaine fever all over the globe. Narcos is based on the true life conflicts of him and Steve Murphy, a DEA Agent sent to Columbia sent to capture and kill him.

10. Black Mirror (Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller)

Technology is making our lives simpler. But it has a very dark side of it. And, Black Mirror shows it all. A show that will shake you mentally and emotionally.

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