5 Party Games That Will Liven Up Your Next Hangout!

5 Party Games That Will Liven Up Your Next Hangout!

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We’ve all been there, somehow your whole gang agreed on a plan and people actually show up. What then? Everyone’s looking into their phones, and it’s boring AF. There’s a saying, ‘fight fire with fire’. And everyone staring into their phones can turn into a fun time. Here’s 5 party games that you can play with your friends and there’s no need to lug around heavy boxes or anything, all of these can be played with a smartphone.

1. Spyfall

One Person from the lot will be a spy. The rest of the members get roles and location from a consolidated list. The spy will never get the location or the role. Start asking questions related to it like, “Are there birds around” or “What vibes are you getting here?”

Everybody will give a related answer apart from the spy. Every round has a time limit of 7 minutes for interrogation. Try to figure out who’s lying and expose the spy.

2. Taboo

Draw a card from the deck and help your team to guess it right without saying a word. When you say Taboo, your point gets deducted.

3. Heads Up

When it’s your turn, you draw a card simply by tilting your phone. Your friends have to sing, act or name everything related to your topic. You have to make a guess from hints they give. The deck of cards includes names of Celebrities, Animals, places and things.

4. Psych

The premise of this game is simple. You and your friends are presented with a question, the players have to come up with some fake answer for the same. Once everyone is done sending in their “answers”, the correct answer is listed among all the fake ones. It’s upto you to choose the correct one. Not such an easy task when so many choices are given. If you choose correctly, you get some points. If not, you just got pysched by your friends!

5. Evil Apples

A game of adults played with people with dirty minds and filthy thoughts. The deck is divided with two color cards: Red and White!Each player draws a card from red and combines it to the card of white. For Eg: A red card has “Nothing excites a group of Catholic Priests more than___” pick a white card and complete the phrase to “ Middle School Crushes”.

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