10 Signs Your Friendship Will Last Forever

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10 Signs Your Friendship Will Last Forever

Friendships are a tricky business. You’ll lose many after school and college, and even as you’re trying to be an adult it’s difficult to maintain many friendships. But sometimes you’re lucky and you acquire a friendship that doesn’t fall out. You find your brother from another mother (or sister from another mister) and those are the ones that matter. As such, here are 10 signs that your friendship is going to last forever.

1. Silences Aren’t Awkward

For you two, just sitting together quietly and doing nothing can sometimes be the best of times. If every silence is awkward, reconsider that friendship.

2. Milestones Are Incomplete Without Each Other

When the two of you motivate and drive each other to achieve your goals, that’s a true friendship. Some of the most memorable moments will be those when you celebrate those achievements together, just as you reached there together.

3. When Your Friendship Is Unfazed

Be it weeks without any contact or a major change in one of you, if your friendship stands unfazed by factors such as these get ready to be stuck with that idiot for an eternity.

4. You Always Have Each Other’s Backs

You’re each other’s wingmen, emotional support, and person you ask to call you when you need to get out of a situation. 2AM and can’t sleep? Sure, call your friend (neend haraam kar lo unki) and they’ll still talk to you all night.

5. You Get Lost In Space and Time

“Oh fuck, it’s 8:30 already!” “WTF are we doing on the terrace” You’ll truly get lost with each other, and if you were planning to get some work done; well that’s definitely not happening.

6. Your Day Is Instantly Made Better When You Meet

No matter how shitty your day was, the moment you see each other (or text or call) all of those negative vibes are washed away. They are your favorite person after all!

7. People Suspect The Two Of You Are In A Relationship

If people don’t think that you two are in a relationship, well your friendship isn’t a friendship. But if they do, you’re going down the right path.

8. You Share Almost Everything

Be it secrets, screenshots, music, or food, when it comes to your friend, sharing IS caring.

9. You Hate Them…

… because you love them so much. You have no filter when it comes to cursing them. But obviously, “pyaar ki gaali hai”.

10. You Can Understand Each Other Without Saying A Word.

One simple nod of the head, or one swift eyebrow raise, and you can tell what the other is trying to convey. You guys don’t just have a social connection, but a telepathic one too.

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