10 Reasons Why You MUST Celebrate Your Birthday!

10 Reasons Why You MUST Celebrate Your Birthday!

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This 29th, I turn 25! And, Yes, as a matter of fact, I LOVE my birthday! I love being excited for it. I get jumpy and lose concentration from work and other things because, I’m busy preparing for it. There are people around me who just look at me and wonder what makes me so happy about it.
So many of them tell me that it’s a regular day. And, if celebration matters, then it should be everyday. Ya whatever! Seize the day, Carpe Diem, blah blah! But, hello! If everyday is important to live and enjoy then why not a birthday? Why skip it? Why keep it so regular?

Birthdays—they are special! And not because you have to treat 100 people for formality or have some grand plans with luxury or booze. It could be just you pampering yourself with a piece of cake, alone in a city far away. It could be with one or two people important to you. It could be with a bunch 20 people you want to reconnect because, you’ve lost touch or it could be just you and your parents. And, that one day is always special and will be because, out of 364 days in a year, it’s the only day you can and you should proudly call it yours. Own it because it belongs to you and embrace every hour of it. Still need reasons for it? You should because…

1. It’s Your Birth-day

It’s the day you were born. Your existence built relationships. Two people turned parents, someone got a sibling, a friend, a colleague or a lover. One birth changed so many things.

2. You Own a Day to Yourself

You work hard for an entire year. You study for grades, you work hard to pay bills, you have responsibilities and a daily routine. But on a birthday, take a break. Do what you like. Take a trip, go shopping, eat whatever you like, spend time doing what you want to do. Because, it’s your day. You rule it.

3. It Motivates You

You’ve put yourself through a lot of highs and lows. You’ve done good and made mistakes. Wave a goodbye to all the good and the bad things. And, motivate yourself to handle more adventures strongly.

4. It Reconnects You

The worst of the fights between you and people who matter can end. If you’re important to them, they’ll wish you and get over it. Or you can call them, have a chance to let it all go and reconnect. If you’re alone in a city, you connect with so many people who love you and remember you for this one day. If you have been too busy to meet people, this is the day you have an excuse to see them and spend time with them.

5. It Gives a Chance for Self-pampering

You earn for yourself and take care of your parents. You save everyday. You limit the expenses because you have monthly expenses. But nothing matters today. You might get a makeover, buy yourself something cool. It doesn’t matter what it costs, you spend everything today because it makes you smile.

6. It Will Give You an Unforgettable Memory

Believe it or not, whatever you do on this day, you will always remember. So you could crib over it for letting this go super casual or you can make it special and the best and smile. It’s your choice. Give yourself a good memory because you are going to discuss it sometime later.

7. Another Step Ahead

People often say, “You get closer to death!”. It’s ridiculous to be so negative. You add another year. You’ve taken a step ahead. Life is a surprise at every stage and everyday is an adventure. You get better to face and chase these adventures. Whether you live big or small, there’s more on your way. And, more is ALWAYS better.

8. Gifts and Treats All The Way

There will always come one moment of the day when you will receive a parcel that will make you smile. Whether it’s from you to yourself or from someone who really wants to see you happy, that one gift or a treat will ALWAYS come to you!

9. Inspiration to Others

If you start making your day look better and happier, it’s going to inspire the people around you. If it has made you so happy and positive about it, it has automatically made others happy.

10. It’s a Celebration.

Occasional celebrations are worth spending time on. So, don’t miss out on it. Make sure, you know your birthday was good and not casual. Be it with self or others, you know you have celebrated it good and different this time.

Dhwani Bhatia

I read and I eat.