Effects of Shows like Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India!

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Effects of Shows like Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India!

There was a time, when we as kids used to sit with our parents and watch Crime Patrol on Saturdays and Sundays and it was interesting to watch, we actually got to understand the concept of how a criminal works and where he/ she resides. And then came ‘Savdhaan India’, Those Saturday-Sundays turned into Everyday. And we had no other option, other than growing up and accepting what we were getting into. So here we have listed out some effects of such shows on our life… have a look…

1. Parents will flash forward your every planning.

No matter what you have planned, it may be a party or just a small night out at your friend’s place. Everyone around you is either a thief, a murderer, and only you are the crying, drooling victim. The time you ask your parents’ permission for such plans to work, they will tell you such happenings that may not take place, and eventually say no.

2. Crazy References to crazy episodes.

You stay at hostel, and you come home for holidays, to spend time with your family. If there comes an episode in which the kid who stays in hostel, is killed, or has an affair, or plans a crime, then all the eyes in that room turn in your direction and they say ‘ Tu bhi aisa karta hoga! Nikaalo ise hostel se!’ or ‘Tu aisa mat karna ha hum bharosa karte hai tujpe!’

3. They sometimes instill fear.

Few of the crimes they project are too deep and with so many details. We ourselves start doubting everyone around us. All we got to do is learn, but those details mess our minds up!

4. Worst of all, Suspense!

No matter whatever the crime is, they hide it till the end. We completely understand that it’s a television series and they need to build audience, but suspense is not the key. Their main aim should be to keep people aware, about what crimes actually take place and how, instead of keeping it a suspense and reveal it at the end of the show.

5. You will be more alert.

The good part of such shows is that it keeps the people of India aware of their rights and what could happen by every action they take. A wrong statement made out in anger could turn out to be a reason of our downfall.

6. Allows us to understand the POLICE!

Shows like Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India are mostly focused on the functionality of Police. We get to see how the system actually works and shows us that not all Police Officers are corrupt.

Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India are shows which teach us a lot, lot more than we think! But everything has a good and a bad effect on our way of living. As most of the Indian Parents are addicted to such shows, all we can do is request the creators for fewer details and more lessons. Don’t instill fear, but give power to the viewers to act against such crimes! Better be Smart than Sorry!

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  1. If someone knows any producer who produced these tv serials, please ask them to not to mention the drug/medicine names which can be harmful to people. Today I saw one episode, in which they told the name of medicine causing Heart attack. In rural area in most of cases postmortem is not done. So it will increase the rate of crime.

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