Delhi Guy Fooled Amazon And Got Refunds Of Rs.52 Lakhs!

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Delhi Guy Fooled Amazon And Got Rs.52 Lakhs!

Online shopping websites have made our lives so much easier. They are the one section of commerce that tries their best to make sure the customer is satisfied. We should never take that for granted. But unfortunately some humans are evil no matter what. When given the benefit of the doubt they use it wrongly. One such incident has recently come to light.

Shivam Chopra, a hotel management graduate has been arrested, after an internal investigation by amazon. He is said to have ordered hundreds of phones, from many different personas stacking up to 52 lakhs in fraud.

Milind Dumbere, a DCP has given statements regarding the same.

Chopra managed to make these many orders with the help of a telecom store owner – Sachin Jain – to get him upwards of a hundered sim cards with fake IDs.

“Chopra procured 141 SIM cards and created more than 50 email IDs using those numbers. He created many accounts on the e-commerce app and began ordering mobile phones,”

Dumbere said.

“Chopra misused the e-commerce company’s ‘customer satisfactory policy’ by working in a planned manner,”

Providing non-existent addresses, Shivam would ask the delivery agents to come to a random place when they couldnt figure the addresses out.

“When the delivery boy would be unable to trace the address, he would call Chopra for directions. Chopra would then call him to a random place and receive the product by paying cash. This process would ensure his real identity was never known,”

After the delivery, Chopra would initiate a refund claiming the box he received was empty. After getting back his money, he would sell the phone on the grey market. (Without the box and documents) This way Shivam made a double profit.

An investigator not authorized to talk to the media also mentioned;

“The company realised that they were being cheated when they found that that all the purchases were being made from one particular neighbourhood in Tri Nagar,”

Thus Shivam’s seemingly perfect plan had its first discrepancy. And similarly to when you pull out a block in ‘Jenga’ and it all comes falling down, Shivam’s perfect plan of using different email addresses, SIM cards, and addresses crumbled as he used the same name throughout all the purchases.

“He operated under the fake name of Shubham. It sounded similar to his original name, Shivam. He did not find it necessary to use a new name each time,”

the investigator said.

After the company finally reached to this conclusion, they made a complaint to the police with all the evidence they had gathered, and got Chopra arrested.

“Three delivery boys have identified him,”

(I guess he should’ve used different people to pick up the packages as well.)

We hope this serves as a lesson for the others trying to make a quick buck.

[Photo Courtesy: Hindustan Times]

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