Farhan Akhtar Criticized BJP Spokesperson for His Remark On Film Stars’s Low GK & Twitter Showed Him Mirror!

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Farhan Akhtar Criticized BJP Spokesperson for His Remark On Film Stars's Low IQ & Twitter Showed Him Mirror!

So this happened today. BJP’s national spokesperson Narasimha Rao said that, ‘most of our film stars have very low general knowledge’, during a debate on Times Now.

And Farhan Akhtar was not happy with this. He criticized Narasimha Rao with a tweet.

And what happened next was totally unexpected. We expected Twitter to support Farhan Akhtar considering his huge following and influence. But Twitter is a funny place. Twitter started replying with the instances where film stars were actually lacking general knowledge.

In a way, Twitter showed Farhan Akhtar a mirror. Here are some of the tweets that popped out to criticize the actor.

This started the storm.

This guy’s tweets were on point.

And then this one, where Shabana Azmi thought Poha was Upma.

And when Farhan himself goofed up.

And this.

When Sonam Kapoor shared her knowledge on National Anthem

And when writer like Javed Akhtar messed up!

And then the final nail in the coffin. 

We still love Bollywood and all our film stars. But let’s call spade a spade. Our film stars have showcased their general knowledge time and again. I’m not even sure if Bollywood will have a say on this. What do you think? Tell us in comments below.

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