10 Grossest Things People Eat Around The World

10 Grossest Things People Eat Around The World

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The food chain is a very peculiar thing. With us humans on the top of it there are several weird AF things we it. With the whole planet at our disposal, we don’t shy away when it comes to cuisine. But for some that means preparing and eating insects, reptiles, and what not. Here are ten of the grossest things people eat around the world.

1. Beondegi

Remember when as kids in school we learnt about how caterpillars turn into butterflies? Well you should know about the middle stage of their metamorphosis, the pupae. A Korean snack, Beondegi are boiled or steamed pupae of the silkworm.

2. Guinea Pig

Relax, your little hamster friend is safe. (Or is he?) Guinea pigs are considered a delicacy in South America. So much so that in Peru there is a festival where the little rodents are pampered, dressed up, and then the poor things are cooked and eaten. Many proclaim it tastes like rabbit and pig meat.

3. Mosquito Eggs

Mexico’s namkeen. Indians might eat this just out of spite. The tiny eggs are first dried and then roasted. Chakna for the next party, maybe?

4. Wasp Crackers

If you’re from the small town of Omachi, you’ll be glad that you found sewing supplies instead of cookies in the cookie tin. These biscuits with wasps instead of chocolate chips are exclusive to the town.

5. Haggis

A signature of the Scottish, you might have heard of this one. The belly of a sheep is filled with its lungs, heart, and liver, along with some onions, spices, and oatmeal.

6. Nsenene

A Ugandan delicacy, it might take a while for you to spot the long horned grasshopper in that picture. They are fried, dried, or boiled and paired with onions and other veggies.

7. Deep Fried Tarantula

It’s already scary enough imagining a spider crawling up your back. How people in Cambodia eat this is beyond me. What if they crawl up your throat!? (Just kidding, they’re deep fried so they should be dead. Should.) Oh, did I mention the excrement and eggs are left inside?

8. Southern Fried Rattlesnake

While we all love some good Southern Fried Chicken, the United States are also know for this unique light dish. Where’s the ranch!?

9. Stink Bugs

Eaten either cooked or raw (gross) in Africa, these bugs have a unique design. Weirdest part is that is has an almost apple-like taste, and can also have a tranquilizing effect.

10. Soup Number Five

Philippines is known for its really weird street food. While Soup number five is now infamous all around the world, it originated from the country. Want to know what’s in it? Bull genitals. Yep. This soup gets its flavor from the testicles and penis of the bull.

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