10 Reasons Why We Love Hermione Granger!

10 Reasons Why We Love Hermione Granger!

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Hermione Granger is no normal girl. She is not like every other female character written in various novels. She was one of the gifts given to us by J. K. Rowling. And we can’t thank her enough. Hermione gave us so many goals to achieve. We all wanted to be like her in many of her attributes. We love her, and here are 10 reasons why.

1. She’s smart af.

Hermione Granger, is that student who considers failing in classes worse than death! And is just so cute to watch!

2. She’s a beauty. And she grew up like magic.

Puberty hit her like anything! She looks hot af right now. She went from saying ‘Hi!’ like a friend to taking your breath away!

3. She’s Loyal.

She always helped Harry in all his problems. Always. Seriously, Always! She is ever ready with weird, crazy but working solution.

4. She knows what to do, when to do.

She knows everything. From potions to spells. She completely knows what is to be used and when. She never Fails, Never!

5. She doesn’t stand back, she fights.

We still remember the scene where she punches the shit out of Malfoy. That moment we knew that this lady is a real badass!

6. She loves to try new things.

With every new part of the movie, came new things that belonged or were given to Hermione. Be it the potion which turned her face into  a cat’s or time travelling gadget given by Dumbledore.

7. She grabs opportunities, and risks.

Hermione never said NO to any challenges kept in front of her.

8. She is not a typical girl.

She is not an everyday girl you meet, who pouts and does drama. She is extra-ordinary, and one of her kind.

9. She is also normal, like us.

She is normal, she falls in love, falls out of love. Wants affection and pampering but won’t ask for it! She has a beautiful inner soul, like most of us here.

10. She is well written.

J.K. Rowling wrote Hermione so beautifully. She didn’t specifically wrote her character for being the love interest of the lead hero. She wrote her to be a friend, which is not set up with Harry in the later series, but with Ron. And so every girl could relate to her.

Hermione Granger gave us number of goals to achieve, she taught us how to have a beautiful inner soul and control over yourself. She taught us that a girl can be a friend as well, it is not necessary for her to be the girl-friend. We love you, Hermione Granger! You Rock!

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