10 Reasons Why Joint Families Totally Rock!

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The idea of nuclear families is practical but depressing at times. The life you spend in a joint family is the best because the atmosphere is lively and there are people around you constantly. Yes, fights happen and you go all silent but if you have survived 15-20 years in the same house, there’s no way your love for them is going to be dead. Because, ultimately we all are humans and blood related and the hatred always and always comes to an end, sometimes due to situations and sometimes with the people around you. Here are the actual reasons why joint families totally rock!

1. All the siblings are never cousins. They’re all real brothers and sisters together

There’s a sudden hatred when the kids of joint families are called cousins. No, they’ve lived together and are super close. They share something deeper than what real siblings might have. So no, they’re not cousins. They are real brothers and sisters.

2. There’s unity and it’s really strong

The support is unbelievably strong. One stranger dares to raise a finger and ten members from the family are ready to screw their case.

4. Outsiders envy the love the family shares

There’s so much love, so much care and so much to share. A happy joint family is lively and fun. And the outsiders will always envy the lifestyle because they are never going to get something like this.

5. Get through the difficult times very easily

Every family goes through highs and lows. It’s life. It’s bound to happen. But with so many to support and care, it just gets easy. They teach you to be happy even at your worst and that one thing turning you weak will make you the strongest.

6. Secrets, when shared remain as secrets

The siblings in joint families are extremely close to each other. They all have secrets shared and they all remain secrets forever. So, if an elder sister is dating or the younger brother is hiding a surprise, the kids will always know but the parents will not be aware of it at all.

7. When internal fights happen, the rest try their best to sort things out

Elders are bound to fight. And, there are times when they don’t even speak to each other. But the kids will always try their best to unite them again. Sometimes, in such cases the younger ones are the mature ones and parents see it and understand it. They let go off the matters easily when spoken practically.

8.Every day is a feast

With so many people around, there’s so much on the table to eat. Every day is a feast and with everyone sitting together it looks like a celebration.

9. Overloaded with love and happiness 24×7

Everybody pampers each other all the time. Every corner of the house has the most positive vibes. There’s too much love to digest. The house atmosphere is warm and the members of these families are very loving. They care, share and make sure every visitor is treated well.

10.There are too many birthdays and too many anniversaries and hence too many celebrations

With so many people in just one house, you don’t have to wait for occasions. You have to keep a count of occasions. Almost every month becomes a celebration. And every celebration is done royally and with the best people around.

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