10 of The Most Satisfying Things In This World

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10 of The Most Satisfying Things In This World

Most of the time life’s a bitch and existence is pain. But then there are some moments that make it all worth it. Those moments when you’re at pure bliss, and nothing else matters. Your body has goosebumps. (I’m not talking about sex so calm down) When you pop bubble wrap, or when something fits into something else perfectly, you know that satisfaction? Well this article’s all about that. So here’s 10 of the most satisfying feelings on this forsaken planet.

1. Popping Bubble Wrap

2. That Blast Of Cold Air When You Walk Into An Establishment After Being Out In The Sun

3. Drinking Fridge Ka Paani After A Long Ride During Noon

4. That Shudder Going Across Your Body Accompanied With Goosebumps When You Listen To A REALLY Good Song

5. That Oddly Satisfying Crunch When You Step On Leaves

6. Cracking Open An Egg Perfectly

7. When You Untangle Your Earphones In One Quick Swoop

8. Peeling That Plastic Off A New Phone

9. Returning Home After You’ve Been Gone A While

(Including finally using your own bathroom, and sleeping in your own bed)

10. A Cold Shower On A Hot Day (Or A Hot One On A Cold Day)

Here’s a Bonus for making through the article!

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