10 Movies Where Actors Had Real Sex!

10 Movies Where Actors Had Real Sex!

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With the advent of computer-generated graphics, CGI, VFX, and what not, the true art of movie making has been lost. Method acting is rarely seen nowadays. But some filmmakers, from all around the world, commit to making their version of “art”, which sometimes involves unsimulated sex scenes. Yes, the actors and actresses were legit doing the dirty for the films. Wrapped in controversy, highly lauded at indie film festivals, here are 10 films featuring unsimulated sex. (Some of these are very graphic, so yeah, if you’re going to watch this do so at your own discretion.)

1. Gandu

Starting off with an Indian flick, Gandu was the arthouse indie film of India. Anubrata (the lead actor) gets wild with Rii, who just happens to be the director’s (Qaushiq Mukherjee) girlfriend.

2. In the Realm of the Senses

This Japanese arthouse film is a really fucked up one. Lot’s of graphic scenes leading up to the most disturbing one, thankfully that last one was not unsimulated. They rest were.

3. The Idiots

You’ll be seeing more films from director Lars von Trier, one of the prominent figures in this genre. ‘The Idiots’ is all about the characters renouncing their inhibitions and all. While most scenes are simulated, there is one that isn’t.

4. Love

The first 3D erotic film, the Gaspar Noé film features completely unsimulated sex, which was also not choreographed. Guess the director wanted to keep it real.

5. Shortbus

All about a club of New Yorkers meeting every week trying to find themselves, amongst a sex saloon. Fun fact; the director (John Cameron Mitchell) joined in for the final scene.

6. Lie with Me

A Canadian drama, ‘Lie With Me’ is all about hot, steamy romance. The actors revealed the sex was unsimulated after it’s release, as the realness of the scenes made audiences curious.

7. 9 Songs

While the title is called so because of the 9 different bands that performed live for the film, the movie is better known for its many love scenes between the leads which were completely real.

8. Chatrak

While this Bengali film didn’t really have a scene in the official release, a scene featuring unsimulated sex between the the stars was leaked online, which caused a major controversy.

9. Pink Flamingos

Perhaps the most disturbing of all, this film came out in the 70s, and stirred quite a bit of controversy. Many unsimulated, perverted acts can be seen in this movie.

10. The Brown Bunny

The film that brought Chloë Sevigny into stardom, ‘The Brown Bunny’ turned quite a few heads when it was shown at the Cannes Film Festival for that one scene of real (and quite graphic) oral sex. Also, another fun fact: the director happened to be co starring and was the receiver of that fellatio. 😛

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