12 Things M.S. Dhoni Movie Taught Us

12 Things M.S. Dhoni Movie Taught Us

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1. Always follow your instincts, no matter what circumstances you are in.

Dhoni always knew that he wanted to become a cricketer. Though he had a secured job of Ticket collector in his hand, he was not content within. He wanted to chase his dream of representing INDIA and wearing that jersey. Irrespective of being told many times that he should not chase his dreams, he always followed his heart. He left his job at Railways and went on a journey which became massive and became an inspiration for millions.

2. Stay calm in any situation. Don’t let external factor create a chaos in your minds.

The last ball of the final match in 2011 WORLD CUP just is a perfect epitome of how calm is our CAPTAIN COOL. He remains unruffled by any external disarray. He had an immense pressure to deliver INDIA to the gate of victory and he trailed it with such an ease. He takes criticism and admiration with a perfect stride. He won’t let the negative thoughts blot his mind ever.

3. Remain Modest in all situations.

Modesty is the key to success. To remain grounded in best phase of your life shows your real character. Dhoni always remained grounded throughout his journey from a No one to being Special one. The success in his career never climbed his head and hence he was able to pull off such an extended career effortlessly.

4. Stay Hungry, stay focus.

Dhoni has always remained comprehensively focused. He was asked to do just wicket keeping by his coach but his interest nurtured in batting too. Without the knowledge of his coach he practiced bating at the nets. His sharp planning and adroit captaincy has always been admired across the globe.

5. Don’t give up on your dreams, no matter how long it takes to become a reality.

When Dhoni couldn’t make to the final list announced in 2000 for under-19 world cup, he was shattered to the core. He celebrated that day with his friends because he never wanted to forget that day in his life. He was dubious at certain point of his life. He didn’t know whether he should hang around Cricket or simply give up as nothing was proceeding ahead. Mr. Ganguly made him realize that life was more like a game of cricket, one cannot always expect the same ball-there would be unexpected bouncers which he needs to duck in.

6. Never forget people who helped you in the time of need.

Dhoni’s friends were his rock steady support at the time of need. From dropping him to station after exams to helping him regain his lost confidence, they were always besides him. His friends were his genuine treasures and he kept them besides him till the end.

7. Don’t shy away from taking harsh decisions on professional upfront if required.

When Dhoni was made the captain, the major task in front of him was to sketch a new team which would play the 2011 World Cup. It took no time for Dhoni to figure out that the “Famous 3” of the Indian Cricket Team somewhere down the line were misfit as there were issues with the fitness and fielding. He had to take a call and he had put his consideration in front of the selection committee with no second thought going in his head. He was callous when it came to make some sturdy decisions.

8. Never shy from hard work as there is no substitute for it.

Dhoni had to struggle a lot between his practice sessions and classes. He juggled well between his family’s expectations and his desires. He never skipped any practice session and would travel to places for getting better grip and improving his techniques. Hard work was the core key to his success.

9. Life would knock you down but do not forget to rise up each time you fall.

Dhoni was petrified when he missed the Duleep Trophy and when he was not selected in under-19 world cup in 2000. Life had knocked him 100 times before making him a star. He was stubborn hearted and was never ready to give up. This strong character made him different from other.

10. Always embrace failures

When his team lost to Yuvraj Singh’s team before the announcement of the under-19 Team, his performance was not up to the mark. He realized that what he was performing was not enough; he had to do better to beat the best. He firmly believed that failures would make him a better individual. He needs to work on his flaws.

11. Dedication for your passion will decide your future

While he was working as Ticket Collector for Railways also, he never missed a chance to practice Cricket. The zest to perform never ended in him despite hurdles coming up his way. It was just a dream to follow his passion that was flowing in his blood.

12. Don’t mingle your personal and professional life. Both are 2 different horizon of your life, never let one effect the other.

Dhoni never ever let his personal life disturb his game. He knew there was no space of the emotional stratum in his professional life. He kept both the things apart. This clicked for him as his focus on his game remained uninterrupted due to this attitude.

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