How To Overcome Laziness?

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How To Overcome Laziness?

There’s a saying, that many of our teachers, parents, and superiors keep barking at us.

Laziness is the mother of all bad habits.

Well, she is a mother, and we should respect our parents after all, no? Well that’s a topic for another day. Today let’s focus on the how to overcome that tempting feeling of just not doing anything.

Laziness can be very detrimental to your life and your health as well. A cycle of continuously being unmotivated and lazy is quite hard to escape. Another thing to remember is that time’s arrow always marches forward, and as such what you choose to do now greatly affects the future, immediate or long term.

Overcoming laziness can be broken into a few essential parts.

1. Body, Brain, and Soul

Self-care, be it mental, physical, or emotional should be a priority in everyone’s life. Maintaining these can help you get rid of that lethargic feeling and make you feel more energetic, naturally. First, make sure you’re getting enough sleep, as well as on a regular sleep cycle (seems impossible in today’s world). Being sleep deprived and sleeping at odd hours can lead to those lazy tendencies, and make you feel more tired overall. Groggy in the mornings? Try washing your face for a jumpstart. Secondly, keeping up with your health does wonders. Exercising regularly gives you natural energy, and also releases mood-improving endorphins. These can keep you motivated and energetic to seize the day and be productive. Lethargic feelings usually stem from having an irregular diet (paired with excessive junk food). Eating a healthy meal regularly makes a great difference. If you still feel hungry in between the day, try replacing your snacks with something healthier.

2. The Correct State of Mind

The way we think can also affect why we feel lazy and unmotivated. Keeping a clutter-free working zone can keep you focused, and as such you should try cleaning up your home and work areas. Your environment has drastic effects on your mood and productivity. Doing important work in your bedroom with your bed in sight will just make you want to take a nap.
Music that pumps you up, or a quick positive speech to yourself in the mirror can also help you feel motivated, active and ready for the day. The company you keep can also affect your habits, and as such you should try hanging with motivated and productive friends. Maybe their vibes rub off on you? Another thing to try is being open about your goals to others, which leads to other people being involved and that way you can be accountable for your actions. Perhaps you’re waiting for the perfect time to do something. When you overthink things due to perfectionism, that’s a main cause of procrastination.

3. Prioritize and Value ‘Samay’

The way you manage time matters a lot. Having things written down in a list makes them more concrete. Prioritize them according to the “have to”, “need to”, and “get to” rule. Go in that order. Avoid doing the unpleasant tasks first, as they’ll drain your energy and lessen your motivation. If you start off with work you’re familiar with and is easy, that’ll keep the energy flowing. Don’t overexert yourself either. Take it easy and pick a few things to put your whole mind to. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”, they say. Well they aren’t wrong. In your free time, you could take up a hobby or some new interest. This will keep you busy and productive, all the while enlarging your skillset and interests. If you have a project to complete, start working on it right away. Get rid of all your vices and distractions while doing so, be it your phone, the internet, or anything else. Also try being as punctual as possible. Start something when you said you were going to. It is very important to relax as well, so setting a cycle or working and breaks helps. Make sure those breaks don’t last too long.

To conclude, there is no absolute cure for being a lazy-ass. There is only one way. And Nike says it perfectly. “Just do it.” Maintain self-discipline, also set your mind to the goals at hand and completing them.

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