22 Pics of Pizza That Will Make You Order One Right Now

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Pizza. The last minute savior of the party. The oozy gooey cheesiness of that piping hot pie. It may burn our mouths yet we still gobble down slices so we can get to the last one before our friends. You may be stuck somewhere right now; in a bus or maybe at work. Or maybe you’re sitting in front of the TV, commercials playing, wondering what to get for dinner. Whatever the case may be, after seeing the below-mentioned pictures of pizza, you’ll definitely start placing an order. (Because sometimes even 30 minutes is too long)

Have fun, try not to drool. 😛

1. Let me start off by proclaiming all our love towards our collective bae, pizza.

2. Pizza is versatile AF.

3. You can get it with pepperoni.

4. Or maybe with veggies.

5. You could go for stuffed crust too.

6. Or pineapples (If that’s what you’re into, you sick fuck.)

7. I mean, just look at that mozzarella!

8. You can sprinkle it with oregano.

9. Or perhaps some chilli flakes.

10. You can get it flaming hot (literally)

11. You can also make it at home!

12. I guess it’s safe to say the pie has stolen a “pizza” all our hearts.

13. You can get a deep dish.

14. Or a thin crust if you’re watching your weight

15. We can’t thank you enough for this, Italy

16. Pizza is perfect for any occasion

17. Netflix and chill

18. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, we could go for a pizza

19. We’ll always <3 you pizza.

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