10 Professions That Keep You The Busiest During Festivals

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10 Professions That Keep You The Busiest During Festivals

Do you know what excites you more after your job application is accepted? The amount of paid leaves you are going to get during the year. And, India as a country celebrates the maximum number of festivals in the entire world. With Diwali arriving right in the next week, we already have our tickets booked for the places we want to visit. But, there are a few professions we or our friends and relatives are into, who have to work the most during the festivals. Who get the targets to complete for the extra incentives during this holiday mood. Here are the list of professions that keep you busy the most during this time of the year.

1. Retail

Retail comes with so many benefits when you work with brands like Lakme, Colorbar, Zara, Clinque, etc. Being a store manager of a style consultant is a fun job. You are treated and gifted the best products and the addition of the incentives is a complete bliss. But, their busiest time of their working life is during Diwali, Christmas and New Years. If your shift is not scheduled on that day, you might be missing out on the family time where everyone is home and together.

2. Hotel Management

Take a moment to think, while you are happily relaxing at a hotel, resort or a villa  with the most amazing services and food during the break, there are so many employees, away from their family working hard day in and day out taking bookings, managing your stay, running a restaurant so that your holiday goes well.

3. Pilot

The busiest time for the pilots when there are number of bookings done in prior. They are the ones on board for so many friends and family who are heading towards a break.


70% of the Indian population take trains during the festivals. It’s the most busiest time for the  railway industry and so many of them just fail to see their family members  for 2 days in a row.

5. Doctors

When in talks in a couple of doctors, they said the maximum time thy get to attend the hospital is during the festival time. They are constantly paged and the ER goes houseful for most of the hours.

6. Police

While the city is out there on the streets with the family, the police is always out controlling the traffic so that we don’t have to be stuck for long hours.

7. Flight Crew

The smiling faces inviting us while we board the flight or the comfortable hospitality that we experience is because the members of the crew are there for you keeping their personal lives on the side.

8. Defence Forces

There are people out there protecting us from the terror that could destroy our lives. They have to stay away for months and specially during the festive time where the possibility of high alert is the most.

9. Merchant Navy

While the cities get crowded with tourism, the sea keeps itself busy. The people spend days in the middle of the sea because shipping doesn’t have to be on a specific day. It’s on the mood of the tide.

10. Tourist Guide

You know who’s introducing you to the history and taking you around while you’re on a break. That one person who’s guiding you entirely, taking you pictures so that you remember their place. Tourist guides have their schedules packed during the vacation.

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