This Lady Will Remind You Of The Crime You’re Committing Everyday!

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This Lady Will Remind You Of The Crime You're Committing Everyday!

Each day, everyday, each one of us commit a crime. A crime, we know we are committing but nobody cares to concentrate. Nobody cares about arresting us. Our habits are dirty. We are uneducated literates. We let the crime happen in front of us, we ourselves commit it and be very casual about it. We are damaging something our survival relies on. There are laws made for our actions. But who is really following them? Could be 10% of us who actually care about it. But yet we fail to make a difference. Maybe it’s because change takes time. But, during the process, there’s too much damage caused. And someday, we are going to get it back. The feeling when it makes you feel dirty and disgusted. The feeling when we’ll be the victims. And, this ad by Cineman Productions is like a warning. A guilt within us, we are unable to get over.

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