10 Inventions We Wish Science Comes Up With ASAP!

10 Inventions We Wish Science Comes Up With ASAP!

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Science has come such a long way. From thinking the world is flat to making black-holes in basements, we can only move ahead. Our lives have been made so much more convenient and easier thanks to science. But as humans, we’re always left wanting more and we can only dream of what technology we get next. But who said dreaming is bad? Here are 10 inventions we wish science would make reality as soon as possible.

1. Self-Repairing Roads

Wouldn’t it be a dream to drive on gadda-less roads? Imagine a road network built with nano-technology that automatically repairs itself whenever a pothole comes up, or weather damage occurs.. A host of several other features could also be added if roads are made alive with tech.

2. Food Printer

How cool would it be to literally “download” food. Imagine a machine that could instantly materialize any food that your heart (or computer) can dream of. I would certainly abuse it. 😛

3. Never Ending Battery

We have to charge our devices several times a day. And are also left with dead phones often. What if such a battery existed that wouldn’t need charging at all ( or for a very long time, like years on end.)

4. Mornings Made Better

We all dread waking up in the morning. We have to drag ourselves through our morning routines. Ugh. But what if such a machine existed that would do all of that for you. Shower, brushing your teeth, wardrobe, and even breakfast! This advertisement for a cab company perfectly encapsulates my thoughts.

5. Dreamland In Your Hands

Dreams are amazing. No doubt. Being lost in your own minds mixing pot of thoughts and memories while you sleep and your body rejuvenates. Most of the time, these dreams are out of our control and can sometimes be scary. But with lucid dreaming one can control their dreams as they wish. A device that could automatically induce a state of lucidity while still dreaming, and then capture your dreams for you to look at later would be AMAZING.

6. Movies, But You’re Inside Them

Movies, while already awesome would be even more so; if instead of watching it in a fixed and predetermined manner, we could get lost in that movie’s universe and explore the movie how we want, viewing the art from a totally new perspective.

7. Flight Made Common

The invention of commercial flight has surely helped us a lot. But Traffic on roads, overcrowded public transport, etc. all make us dream of one day flying to wherever we want on our own. Imagine a world with hoverboards, flying cars, and personal air-taxis. How convenient would that be?

8. Exploration of the Sea’s No Big Feat

The seas, only matched by space, are one of our world’s most unexplored places. While technology has gotten us far with aquatic research, whenever we want to swim in the vast blue waters, we either have to resurface for air or swim with heavy uncomfortable scuba equipment. What if such a device existed that we could breathe underwater, without lugging around heavy equipment, freeing everyone to take to the vast oceans and explore them.

9. Explore Your Mind

Our brains are one of the strongest computing devices out there. But sometimes we forget our own memories, and cannot recall an idea we just came up with. What if you could upload all your thoughts, memories, and experiences, (even subconscious ones) onto a device and go through and view them remotely. That would surely be amazing.

10. Hit Reset On Earth

While most of these points feature something that benefits only us, this one is a bit more broad. We have ruined the planet. There’s no doubt. But what if such technology existed, that could clean up the Earth, returning it to its natural state. A device for the skies that sucks out CO2, a filter for the oceans that sucks out all pollution, and perhaps a vacuum cleaner for the land? That would really be nice wouldn’t it?

Persias Tadiwala
Persias Tadiwala is a student on a journey to discover the ways of this world.