10 Words You Need To Understand If You're Going To Use Social Media

10 Words You Need To Understand If You’re Going To Use Social Media

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Social media is everywhere nowadays. It started off as a way for people to connect, but today it is so much more. For many it’s the first source of news. A platform to discuss for many as well. Because of social media many different issues come to light. And as such people are actively engaged in conversation about such issues. Some are discussed more than others, so you’ll see some words that are confusing, but here are ten words regarding such issues that you need to know if you’re on social media.

1. Feminism

Feminism is the advocacy of equal rights for women. A feminist is an advocate of such rights. In the past few years this name has been tainted due to many people confusing feminism for misandry.

2. Misogyny

Misogyny can basically be defined as a prejudice, dislike, or hatred towards women. Social media has brought out the deeply rooted misogyny in our culture and still continues to do so. You’ll find this word being used a lot.

3. Male Chauvinism

Kind of related to the previous point, Male Chauvinists are those that are prejudiced against women and believe that men are superior to women in terms of ability, intelligence, and other such aspects. There are many Chauvinists out there and you’ll see them getting called out on the web.

4. Nihilist 

A nihilist is a person that exhibits nihilism. (the rejection of all moral, religious, social values) and believe that life is meaningless. You’ll encounter many such pessimists on social media.

5. Intolerant

People who are not tolerant towards views, belief, or behavior that differs from theirs, are intolerant. Usually a bunch of bigots that need to realize it is 2017, you’ll see this word being thrown around a lot.

6. Sexist

This one goes both ways, discrimination, stereotyping, to people on the basis of their sex is known as sexism. Sexists are those who exhibit this character. There are many on social media and you’ll see this word being used a lot as well, but people need to realize we’re all humans and we’re all equal.

7. Body Shaming

People are different. Each one of us is unique in our own way. Yet some people feel the need to humiliate others by mocking, criticizing, and passing rude comments to someone because of their body shape and size.

8. Slut Shaming

When a woman is shamed or stigmatized or judged for having an active sex life, that is slut shaming. There is nothing wrong with being sexually active. But some obnoxious idiots are very judgmental, and have to put their nose every fucking where. Can’t believe people like that exist, and yes you’ll encounter a few on social media.

9. Sexual Assault/ Harassment/ Abuse

Right now you’ll this a lot. Many high level executives of the entertainment business are being called out by the victims of their sexual abuse. When someone says no, it means no. No one has any right to force themselves onto an unwilling person. Yet rape, molestation, and such cases are on the rise daily.


This is an acronym for the different types of sexuality out there, and used when talking about how everyone, regardless of how they identify themselves, deserve equal rights.

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