10 Reasons Why Super-Excited People Are The Best People Around You!

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10 Reasons Why Super-Excited People Are The Best People Around You!

We all have that one friend who will always yell “Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God” loudly in your ears.

1. They are jumpy!

Whatever excites them, they jump when they see it happening around. Babies, pets, and a race they won or a surprise. It all involves jumping and screaming!

2. They’re the happiest people!

Everything makes them very happy. Meeting people, wok life, dinner get together, parties, trips, etc. Everything makes them happy.

3. They don’t give a shit about anything that’s happening around.

Be it a bad break up or a rumor going viral, they don’t care a damn about it.

4. They take tragic moments also positively.

Sad moments hurt them. But, they take it very positively and move on.

5. They laugh at the stupidest things.

They are very giggly and would laugh over it smallest things. Could be a bad pj or a man slipping, anything and everything will make them laugh.

6. They have a positive vibe.

You will just love being around them. The amount of happy vibes the person shares will automatically make you that happy and positive.

7. They are the most patient people around us.

Psychological study proves the happiest person will also be patient. They deal with serious situations quite patiently. They went to calm themselves down and let their brain work in a right way.

8. They know how to make your day.

Having a bad day? Meet a super excited person you know. With those lively person, you know you’re day is never going to go bad!

9. The first thing they do when they wake up is smile.

Everyday is important and everyday is to live and not survive. They believe a smile on your face can overcome the worst things during the day.

10. They’re very talkative.

You will know the person is present around you, because they’re loud and Talkative. They can talk and talk and talk and are a complete entertainment around.

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