10 Deadliest Villains on Television Right Now!

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Every hero is not a hero, until there is a villain to challenge him. Villains or as the TV Series like to call them, the antagonists, play a pivotal role in disturbing and ruining the hero’s or the other characters’ lives. There are many villains who we hate so much that without them the show looks empty or boring. And there are many villains with whom we fall in love, more than we love the protagonists. This Fall, TV has showered us with lots of new, epic series like Westworld, or brought back our favorite series like Game Of Thrones, etc.  Today, we brought you the list of top 10 villains on TV (2016).

10. Sybil – The Vampire Diaries

We don’t know who you are, We don’t know what you are. All we know is that you mess with people’s minds. All the villains TVD has brought us, are one of the bests, Considering Klaus, Silas, Qetsiyah, Heretics, were all epic characters. We hope Sybil is one great villain as well. As of now, she’s a bitch and she’s hot!

9. Marcel Gerard – The Originals

Marcel is a really confusing character. He turns from being the good guy to bad guy in seconds. Choose a side, dude! Now being more powerful than the Originals themselves, we need to see how bad (or good) Marcel has turned New Orleans into! We miss Klaus. P.S. Marcel, Please stop confusing us.

8. Fish Mooney – Gotham

‘My name is Fish Mooney, bitch!’ We were the happiest when Fish Mooney was brought back to life. Fish Mooney was the one, who actually brought Penguin into this world. Now with such exotic superpowers, let’s see where Fish Mooney goes.

7. Penguin – Gotham

Don’t we just love Penguin? He likes this name now. The downfall and the promotion of Penguin was something to look out for. He is the mayor of Gotham now, which is weird but good. All we need to see is how Penguin becomes one of the biggest villains of Batman. Sabar ka fal, people.

6. The Man in Black – Westworld

Westworld won our hearts, the day it premiered. With an epic series, comes an epic and confusing villain. The Man in Black is in search of a deeper puzzle in Westworld. We don’t know his motive; we don’t know what he is actually doing. All we know is that he is in search of something, something so deep that it could shake the whole world. And obviously, we don’t know his name yet.

5. Pablo Escobar – Narcos

Narcos is a series, based on ‘real incidents’ and defines how Pablo Escobar actually came into the business of manufacturing Cocaine. From meeting drug dealers, to making his business so big, so big, that we can’t even measure it. Narcos, is completely based on our one of the favorite villain Pablo Escobar.

4. Frank Underwood – House Of Cards (US)

Frank Underwood, being the lead of the epic political drama, House of Cards, is also considered as a villain. Why? Because he is brutal, arrogant, egomaniac, harsh, and we love him. He is the life of the series. He will always be the life of the series. And we will continue to love to hate him. Always.

3. Negan – The Walking Dead

We hate him, nobody loves you, you son of a bitch. You killed Glenn, with your shit ass of a baseball bat. We. Don’t. Like. You. We. Hate. You.

2. Moriarty – Sherlock

God knows how much we waited. Moriarty was killed off at the end of Season 2, which came out numbers of years ago, But Season 3 brought with it, the only dialogue we were dying to hear… MISS ME? Yes, Our favorite villain, Moriarty is back, or not. Let’s look into it, when season 4 actually arrives. i.e. 01.01.2017

1. Cersei Lannister – Game Of Thrones

There is a genuine reason for her to be on the top. She killed more than a dozen people in a single second, which took planning of nine episodes. But the moment when her plan was a huge success, was a beauty to watch. She is now the Queen, THE QUEEN. For her brutality, beautifully planned killings, and revenge. Cersei is out number one villain. Long may she reign.

Did we miss your favorite villain? Or are the ranks not in order according to you? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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