10 Signs That You’re A True Foodie

10 Signs That You’re A True Foodie!

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Aaj Khaane mein kya hai?

1. Food is 24×7 on your mind

You will first think about what is going to be served as a meal today. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, food is on your mind always.

2. Your Social Media Newsfeed has food posts more than friends posting selfies

Your newsfeed is filled with food images and videos. Updating yourself on a new pizza or a new dessert is more important than knowing which friend from the list has posted what. You will stalk chefs, travel pages just to know what’s happening in the world of food.

3. Filling a Feedback Form post meal at a restaurant is a must

You might skip going through the bill that has arrived but you won’t skip filling the feedback form that’s sent with it. Giving a feedback is a must and letting the restaurant/ café know about your experience is very, very important for you.

4. Your Reviewing Game is Strong AF!

Be it a Facebook page or an app with restaurant listing, your reviews are always published.

5. Your 80% of monthly expense is on Food

You might not spend on clothes or bills, but there’s no second thought when it comes to food. Your bank statements will have multiple transactions of joint joints and getting broke before the month ends is never regret.

6. You’ve explored Most of the Food Joints of Hometown

Latest or the oldest; you’ve visited most of the places. It hurts your ego if someone makes a visit before you at some place you’ve not heard of.

7. People take your recommendations very seriously

“What to eat?”, “Where to eat?”, “Is it worth it?” are the major discussions you have with your friends and family. Even acquaintances will randomly message you or call you if they want to know about food places.

8. Your travel itinerary will have restaurants, cafes and bars first on the list.

People who love to eat enjoy travelling too. But food visits to restaurants, cafes and bar is first on your to-do list.

9. You will always purchase your snacks before entering a movie theatre

You won’t enjoy the movie with popcorn or a sandwich. Food and movie goes hand in hand.

10. Food is food. Healthy or junk, you’ll relish it 100%

Whether you’re on a diet or not, you enjoy every kind of food. Could be a bland salad or a spicy item from a roadside stall, every item is eaten with love.

Dhwani Bhatia

I read and I eat.