How to Turn a Profit at a Casino

How to Turn a Profit at a Casino

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Off to Vegas? Maybe Monte Carlo? Goa if you wanna be local? Well if gambling is on your agenda, this article is for you. The shuffling of cards, the spinning of roulettes, and the whirring slot machines; all these sounds are common to the great gambling houses known as casinos. Be wary, though. Gambling can be dangerous and addictive, and nothing can guarantee a win. What you can do is play responsibly and take calculated risks to increase your chances of a profit.

First things first, remember that the house (the casino) always has the odds in its favor, and they’re only in business because they gobble up all your hard earned money. And as such, they will have several different games that will sound appealing, but the ones with those huge jackpots are usually the ones where your chances of winning are the lowest.

Playing the right games is key. Avoid the slot machines. The casino usually has a five to twelve percent edge over you. Whereas in games like blackjack, poker, and roulette; the casino has a lower advantage on you.

The simplest is roulette. It may be tempting to bet on your favourite number, but the odds of the ball landing on that number are way too low. Instead, bet on the fifty-fifty options; red or black, even or odd, high or low. These will bring you and the house at an odds and increase your chances of winning something increase a lot.

If cards are your thing, the next best option would be blackjack and poker. Blackjack is all about probabilities, and as such many strategy tables are available online which tell you when to hit, double down, split, or walk away. Now in Poker, you’re playing against other gamblers as well. The key is simple. You should know when to play aggressively and when to play passively. When you’re dealt a strong hand, play aggressively to win a large pot. If you’re dealt a weak one, play passively and try to sneak a win with the weaker hand. If you’re opponent has a stronger hand, play aggressively to scare them into folding their better hand. Poker is a skill, with a bit of instinct, but with a lot of practice, one can become a pro.

Lastly, some tips.

Using betting strategies can help you as well. There are many out there, and you can come up with your own too. Increasing or decreasing your bet based off the previous round is one integral part of these strategies. But no amount of strategy can completely eliminate the house edge, and as such you shouldn’t use these for more than a few rounds. Also, you should always know when to walk out.

Another tip is to always set a limit. Come in with an amount of cash that you are comfortable losing, and play only with that. Never bring your credit cards or cheque books. Leave them in your room. Gambling can be dangerously addictive. But hopefully this article can enlighten you on how it isn’t impossible to win.

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