Photo Glorifying Dowry is Going Viral And Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Share It!

This viral photo proves that we share anything and everything without actually reading it.1 min

Photo Glorifying Dowry is Going Viral And Here's Why You Shouldn't Share It!

We came across a photo on social media today which has advantages of Dowry. It is a part of the┬ástudy material provided by St. Joseph’s college, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru, to a B.A. student according to this viral post. But people are outraging over social media without reading the post carefully.

Viral Photo in Question

All intelligent people are sharing this with long rants on Facebook. And we firmly believe, they haven’t actually read it thoroughly. If you read it carefully, you’ll know it doesn’t actually glorify dowry, just put across a perspective from the supporters of dowry.

Very first paragraph of the post read,

Generally, through accepted as an evil practice, dowry has its supporters. They want to retarn this custom in one or the other form. According to them, dowry has some advantages.

The post just points out the reasons why some people supports dowry. Even person with basic knowledge of English can understand that the post is not actually supporting dowry, it’s just stating why some people support dowry.

And this proves that everyone who has shared this post has not actually read the post. We are so eager to show our outrage that we don’t even think or read something thoroughly.

Our advice to social media activists is to at least read the post first before sharing anything and everything in future.

PS. We do not support dowry, in case if you didn’t get the meaning of this article as well.

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