We Asked Girls, What Kind Of Guy They Want? And Here Are The Answers!

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We Asked Girls, What Kind Of Guy They Want And Here Are The Answers

We have a treat for the guys out there; A beautiful, all-informing, all-answering gift. We asked the girls of India one question that every boy out there wanted to ask.

What kind of guy do you want?

The answers we got were somewhat true, sweet, funny and clichéd too. Have a look.

1. Ankita Varkhade, Mumbai

“Forever kinda guy. Irrespective of fights and arguments, ups and downs. A guy who won’t fed up and leave, the one who’ll stay strong and be with me in all downfalls of life. A keeper. “

2. Nikita Saxena, Bareilly

“I don’t want him to be perfect, but I want him to be respectful to everyone he can cherish even a small moment of happiness & romance.”

3. Fatema Sanchawala, Pune

“Well let’s begin with, I would like a guy who is a little mysterious, someone who clearly isn’t an open book to everyone except me. Someone who has a tough personality, and stands up for whatever he thinks is right. Someone who gives me the space and freedom but protects and pampers me when its time. Someone who has his priorities laid straight, and I respect with all my heart. And that, is the kind of guy I would want.”

4. Aanchal Agarwal, Pune

“I want a guy who will be able to deal with my mood swings, he needs to understand that I love my space and respect that. He should know how to make me listen to him, but at the same time I want him to know how to care.”

5. Chhavi Agarwal, London (Mumbai)

“I want someone with whom even silence speaks a thousand words. Someone who understands me better than I understand myself. I want someone who makes me happy and someone who is happy with me. I want someone to smile even at his lowest because I am there for him. And someone who is willing to give me a thousand chances when I make mistakes. But most of all, he has to love my family as much as I love them. I want to be the reason for his smile just as much as I want home to be the reason for mine. “

6. Ishwari Shintre, Pune

“I want a guy who treats women equally, has respect, is polite, humble and loyal to every woman and is helpful.”

7. Dhaneshwari Tiwari, Pune

“Okay so the kind of guy that I want, He should be protective of me but give me my space too. I love an intimidating personality. A guy who is a closed book for the world but won’t hide a thing from me. A loving and caring guy with an aim in life. And he should definitely respect me.”

8. Sarika Sethi, New Delhi

“I want a guy who’ll always be by my side, who’ll scold me when I am wrong and will be proud of who I am. One who accepts all my foodie challenges and who is less of serious and more of humorous in nature. Who treats everyone with respect and guides them when they are wrong.”

9. Sakshi Gaur, Lucknow

“A guy who will see not only the beauty on the outside but on the inside. The one who is always honest and by my side no matter what. A kid at heart, but an old soul.”

10. Smriti Nair, Mumbai

“I want a guy who is as lame as me. Who is hilarious and humorous af and also the one who simply watches me while I eat pizza and doesn’t dare to touch a single piece of it.”

I don’t have the capability to sum anything up from this. This tells us that every girl is different, every girl seeks something or another, only common thing they ask for is a ‘Forever’ along with humor, lameness, respect, love, care, the guy must be helpful, caring, goal-oriented, romantic, etc. That’s not a lot, is it?

We only know that each and every girl is beautiful in her own unique way, and she must get what she seeks. Only advice I’ll give to the boys out there – “Don’t be an asshole. Respect her. Also, don’t be a Man-Whore. Bas

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