10 Movies About Animals That Will Make You Cry

10 Movies About Animals That Will Make You Cry

If these don't make you cry, we don't know what will.3 min

Sad stories. We hear them everyday. At this point we rarely sympathize with each other anymore. But YOU DARE TOUCH OUR PRECIOUS ANIMALS, YOU.. YOU.. animal? Getting back to the topic at hand, animals are very close to our hearts for some reason. And as such, if anything were to happen to them, reel or real, our eyes would surely well up. Here’s 10 tearjerker animal movies, ranked.

10. I Am Legend

When Will Smith is the last man alive, and everything else that is “alive” wants to tear him apart, he traverses such an apocalyptic world with the only living thing that doesn’t want to eat him is a german shepherd.

9. Bambi

While the biggest tearjerker of this movie is done in the beginning, seeing how Bambi, the little animated deer grows up without a mother will definitely make you cry either tears of joy or sorrow at times.

8. War Horse

Another Steven Spielberg special. If you’ve grown up on a farm, you know how special the bond between a kid and the horse he grows up with can be. When one such young man’s horse is taken away for the war, let the waterworks flow.

7. Turner and Hooch

What happens when a detective is faced with a murder case where the only witness is the victim’s dog? He adopts him of course! Watch as Tom Hanks and his slobbery buddy go out in search for the murderer, but the end will have you crying for sure.

6. Free Willy

We all know how cruel and traumatizing putting animals in captivity can be. Well Jesse is a kid who will not stand for that. Watch in this movie his journey to free Willy the Whale.

5. The NeverEnding Story

When Bastian takes refuge in a bookstore to escape the meanies at school, he’s drawn in the world of Fantasia, where he befriends a majestic horse called Artax. Don’t get too attached, well I won’t ruin the story.

4. Old Yeller

All the way back from the 1950s this film is the OG when it comes to this genre. A dog that loves a family unconditionally, but they drive him away as it’s a stray. Watch this story unfold and keep the tissues ready.

3. Where The Red Fern Grows

Remember when as a kid all you wanted was a dog to grow up with? This film is all about that, and more. This one is another oldie, from 1974.

2. Marley & Me

With a star cast of Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, when the Grogans adopt a notorious dog, it starts off rocky, but the bond they end up making is truly something special. That ending tho. :’(

1. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

I’ve saved the best for last, Hachi is a movie based on a real life story, about a dog that would wait for it’s human everyday at the station, but one day the human just isn’t there. There’s much more to the story though, watch, cry, and find out.

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