15 Undeniable Facts Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs!

15 Undeniable Facts Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs!

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Known as man’s best friend, dogs are loyal, awesome, loving, respecting, understanding. And cats are, well, just cats! The don’t give a damn about a single thing in this world and will do whatever they want. We are not saying that they are bad or something, but they come from a family of lions and tigers who possess a brave hunting heart and don’t obey anyone. Cats are just smaller version of those jungle kings! They literally rule! So, if you have a cat or are confused between getting a dog or a cat, this one’s for you. We have laid out some facts that are about to change your mind!


They are so clean. They never inhale through their mouth and saliva falling all over the floor is just out of question!


They don’t just walk, they cat walk!


Dog’ mentality: ‘They care so much for me and give me free food. They must be god.’ Cats mentality: ‘The care so much for me and give me free food. I must be god! ‘. They are really independent and look down to you. (and you absolutely love that!)


Cats believe n ‘If I fit, I sit’. They will sit just anywhere unlike dogs. They can probably even sit in a cookie box in your kitchen pretty easily. Yes! They are that awesome!


They rule your life, they rule your home and most importantly they rule the entire internet too! Cat videos are the most watched videos on the internet!


Chances are, they are probably plotting an attack against you. Because last night dinner was not really good.


They love you with your whole heart! They will probably fight a bull for you.


Is that a bird? Is that a squirrel? It’s a cat! They are excellent tree climbers too! Along with lions and tigers, they inherit qualities from leopards too!


They have royalty running in their veins which refute them to obey any orders, and only do what they actually want!


They are being worshipped since the ancient times. Egyptians were known to worship their cats!


They fight rodents, unlike dogs. So how about saying thanks to your cat for saving you from all the diseases associated with rodents in your house?


They are cats when you are around and are ninjas by the time when you go to work.


The string that can bind a cat to a table or the porch has bewildered scientist for centuries! (they have given up too! Or so I heard.)


They purr and rub themselves with you when they are in love with you! Otherwise they just ignore you and sit at a corner of the room silently!


They are probably the most silent animal of all time. They will climb on top of each and every thing present in you drawing room and you still won’t hear a thing! They will ‘meow’ but very smoothly and lovingly. Unlike dog’s loud ‘bark’, cat’s meow will never bother you.

Not all can get a great cat. Very few of us are really lucky to have their companionship! It feels great to clean, take care, shower a cat and get ignored!

Naveed Dumasia
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