5 Channa Mereya Covers That Will Melt Your Heart!

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5 Channa Mereya Covers That Will Melt Your Heart!

You will not miss out on any song if Arijit Singh is a part of it. His soulful performances connect directly to our hearts. And, there’s no denying, his voice is calm, soothing and is a mood maker. And, when the songs of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil released, the maximum downloads were of Channa Mereya. It was played on repeat everywhere. Could be a small get together or a long drive with the radio on, it was just everywhere.

And the song has at least twenty versions that have been trending on YouTube. And, here’s the list of 5 versions by different artists that will make your heart melt.

1. Siddharth Slathia

2. Acoustic Singh

3. Mrinali

4. Tabla version by Shobhit Banwait

5. Nupur Sanon

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