15 Amazing Facts About Goa!

15 Amazing Facts About Goa!

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Goa is a small state situated in the western region of India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. Its sandy beaches, lively nightlife and world heritage architectural spots attract over 2 million international and domestic tourists every year.

Here are some facts about Goa you probably did not know:


Goa has more than 7000 bars! YES, you read that right. According to a 2013 count, there are 7078 bars licensed to serve alcohol in Goa. Adding in the unlicensed ones would take the number much higher.


It is the smallest state of India but has the highest per capita income. A 2012 census indicated that Goans top the country’s per capita income index at Rs 192,652 on average per year.


India’s very first printing press was set up in Goa. All the way back in the 1500s when only a smattering of people went to school Goa was churning out dozens of pages of the written word. It was installed at St. Paul’s college in Goa in 1956.


This state has a two-wheeler taxi! This is the only place in India where you can ask a biker a lift and actually pay him without worrying about riding with a stranger! Goa is full of motorcycle taxis and riders take you pillion to your desired destination for a charge. Tourists can explore the length and breadth of the state without paying too much for fuel and driver costs.


Not many people know this but Goan people can apply and avail a Portuguese passport along with the Indian one. You can have a dual passport! How amazing is that.


The Se Cathedral church in Old Goa is the largest in Asia! Stretching 250 feet in length and 181 feet in breadth, the 16th century cathedral houses eight chapels within its confines, with the final edifice larger than any church in Portugal itself.


The first medical school of India was established in Panaji, Goa in 1842. It is demolished in 2004.


This state has two official languages – Konkani and Marathi!


Goa has a forest cover of 33% of total land mass. The forests teem with exotic wildlife and birdlife. An abounding ecosystem characteristic of the Western Ghats can be found here. The forest has more than 275 species of birds. There are more than 40 types of animals and reptiles in these forests too.


This state in history as well. The Kadambas ruled this region for more than three hundred years. During their reign over this state starting from the 11th century, a distinct political culture evolved. This period was stable and people began to experience prosperity. So the first Golden Age for the people of Goa was during this period. During the Kadamba rule, several temples were built. The most famous one, the Tambdi Surla exists inside the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary.


Some of the oldest rocks in India are found in Goa between Molem and Anmod. Classified as Trondjemeitic Gneiss these rocks are over 3,600 million years old.


Goa is the second state in India after Orissa where world famous olive ridley turtles flock the Morjim to lay their eggs.


Around 65.7% of people in Goa practice Hinduism, 26.6% practice Christianity and 6.8% practice Islam. The Sikh, Buddhists and Jain community comprises the remaining 0.9% of total population of Goa.


Goa offers Asia’s first launch Floating Casino at Panaji. It has full entertainment and promises a lifetime experience. It is known as Caravela and it is anchored in the Mandovi River.


Dudhsagar Falls which has a height of 310 m is one of the highest falls of India.

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