10 Reasons Why Love Marriages Are Better Than Arranged Marriages

You Have A Healthy Love Life, If You’re Doing These Things!

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Dating is fun, but maintaining a relationship is never easy. It’s easy to say the three magical words, very difficult to balance the life after you say it. When it comes to an ideal relationship, it’s not always about red roses, fancy dinners, expensive gifts, there’s much more to it. You can’t love a person if you they talk to you all day on texts or say I love you a zillion times. A relationship has two sides. A dreamy beautiful world which you create when you start knowing each other and then an ugly side where there are fights, unsaid things said, anger, etc. But, you know you’re in a balanced relationship when you have accepted each other for they are and who they are.

An average time frame of turning to really love a person is more than a year. And, here are few things in a relationship that prove that you’re in a healthy relationship.

1. Splitting every bill

Yes, a gentleman is what a  woman always dreams of. But, hello! It’s an expensive world outside. And, today, when most of us talk about equality, then the bills matter too. You know your coffee dates, dinner scenes, movie hours are going to be regular. So splitting the bills of everything will get you in a comfort zone.

2. Gifting Less Fancy Things Occasionally

To all the anniversary months and years, each day is to celebrate.But, if gifts  become a compulsion because your monthly anniversaries are round the corner, then that special moment holds no charm. It’s either a birthday or just a random mood to get something. And, there’s no obligation if a particular date is hitting your schedule.

3. Giving Each Other The Physical Comfort

Intimacy is good. But, sometimes you aren’t ready for it. A lot of times, you don’t have a chance to do it. And, it’s totally, totally healthy to take a break from it.It grows when a gap is taken.

4. Trusting Each Other

Jealousy is sweet till it’s not crossed its limits. You have to be open about people around you. You are bound to have male and female friends. And, you’re totally going to be chilling with them without your boyfriend/ girlfriend around. Strangers are going to be attracted to you but if you trust your partner, it’s all going to be okay.

5. Emotionally Supportive

You have to be comfortable in expressing yourself. There could be a chance where you get frustrated and yell. Break things, get angry, get too emotional,  go silent.But if you open up in any form in front of your partner, you will have an emotional support. Anger will have every kind of form. There will be unsaid things said which probably none of you would like, but to forgive and move on matters.

6. Share your passwords

This tech world has been one of the major reasons behind serious breakups. A couple dated for a year but never shared their phone passwords. That led to a major break up. There’s nothing to hide from each other. And, if there’s anything, then you probably need to discuss it. You have to let your partner know about your life that’s outside him/her.

7. Giving Personal Space

It’s not compulsory to take trips together or spend weekends together or meet everyday. It’s totally okay if you go on trips with your set of friends or have dinner plans without your partner or spend a weekend separately. It’s totally okay to not text, call when any of you are out. Just inform each other about the plan and it’s all good.

8. Respecting the idea of Comfortable Adjustment

You know each other’s taste in food, habits, sizes, daily routine. And, you’re totally okay with it. Adjustments come everywhere. But, a comfortable adjustment is when you’ve accepted the person for what they are. For eg: you don’t have to be dressed for every meeting. You don’t need to shave or wax or get your eyebrows done. Burping and farting is normal. You’ve got comfortable with each other’s skin.

9. Ego-less Relationship

Fights are bound to happen. But, if you’re mature enough to understand, there will be no need to apologize. You are automatically going to be normal. You will never have to keep a count of who apologized first.

10. Losing track of time

You know it feels new each day even after years every time you guys spend time together. If you start keeping an eye on your watch, you’ve fallen out of love.

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