Women Don’t Have A Sense Of Humour? These 7 Indian Women Comedians Prove That Wrong.

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Women Don’t Have A Sense Of Humour These 7 Indian Women Comedians Prove That Wrong

“Women can never be funny. Only a man can have a good sense of humour. Women can never be open to jokes no matter how rough they are.” Said an idiot who never did a research on indian Women Comedians.

From joking about “what an ideal woman is” to sex, there are jokes said in the wittiest manner by 9 of these top Indian women in the world of comedians, who break all the stereotypes proving humor doesn’t come with a rule of gender. Who boldly shut every sexist person’s mouth by making them laugh holding their stomach.

1. Mallika Dua

Her Snapchat and Instragram Stories will make your day. Being an absolute punjabi, Mallika’s everyday posts have makeup didi referring to the audience as shaggerz in the funniest tone. she, very lovingly will make a joke out of the most regular things and lighten your mornings with a smile on your face.

2. Aditi Mittal

Hitting the list of top 10 stand-up comedians of India, Aditi is a writer, actor and has been doing stand-up comedy for 7 long years now. She’s also the first Indian Comedian Netflix picked to stream online. She blows every person’s mind with her act of being absolutely single at 31 and makes you realize how okay it is for her.

3. Neeti Palta

Elaborating the female side to the audience in the most hilarious way, Neeti brings out the situations of Indian Women in the most hilarious way. There’s satire in current affairs and her videos hit the maximum views on YouTube when she makes some poking fun of men.

4. Radhika Vaz

The generation’s feminist voice, Radhika Vaz is a pioneer of Indian Stand Up comedy. Describing how irritating everything is to her in the funniest way, she’s a star when it comes to writing funny columns and books. Her career as a columnist in TOI made it to million readers and today, she performs at national and international level.

5. Kaneez Surka

“Comedy is about being yourself”, said Kaneez. Born and brought up in South Africa, this highly qualified comedian is spotted mostly in All India Bakchod’s videos. Her Youtube playlist “Mujhe Ask Karo” has the funniest solutions for all the people who talk to her about their life problems. Her accent plays the major role when heard and will make you laugh hard and loud.

6. Sumukhi Suresh

Do you like to shut people up? Do you know bad it hurts when you hear the truth? This sketch, stand-up comedian has a sarcastic playlist Behti Naak shutting people up who mock her or try to control her.

7. Vasu Primlani

Living in the United States, this Indian comedian’s performance is about social messaging, civic sense, gender equality and more. India’s one of the leading performers, Vasu is a therapist, corporate speaker, actor and professor.

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