10 Reasons Why Love Marriages Are Better Than Arranged Marriages

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10 Reasons Why Love Marriages Are Better Than Arranged Marriages

Life is really unpredictable. It surprises you, shocks you, takes you down and gives you a high bounce when you expect the least out of it. There are series of phases taking you to a whole new adventure you will never think about. But, Marriage is not a phase. It’ a whole new life altogether. While you’re busy setting things for yourself, an involvement of another human being gives it a whole new turn. And, what makes it more exciting is doubling the experience of two different lifestyles into one.

It’s just one feeling that makes you realize that you want to spend the rest of the life with this new person. And, that one gut feeling works for arranged and love. But, when it’s arranged, you fall in love after giving a commitment. When it comes to love marriages, the journey is completely different. Commitment comes after being in love.  And, here’s why love marriages are better than arranged ones.


You don’t have a deadline to know each other. You choose to open up taking your own sweet time.


You’re already used to each other’s regular habits: Favourite cuisine, color, music, etc. Wake up hours, sleeping hours, work hours. That saves you from after life adjustments


You’ve got used to each other’s skin. There’s no rule for shaving, waxing or threading. The meets don’t have to be about being dressed all the time. You’ve already accepted the casual side.


Making up after a fight is very simple. There’s no relationship without fights. And, you’ve already fought and understood what exactly will calm your partner down.


Your family members have already known the person due to multiple visits. They’ve been familiar and comfortable talking about your partners. You don’t have to worry about the awkward silences with the elders around.


Priorities are clear already. You know what your partner prioritises and you’ve been okay with it. The chances of compromises reduce to 1%


Understanding level is strong. 100% availability of emotional support is always around. If you’re feeling low, you know who to talk to first.


It saves you from gift expenses. You know when to gift. Not every occasion is about gifts. And not everything is materialistic.


You already share an intense chemistry. You know what makes your partner physically happy. And, you don’t have to shy or ashamed when you’re not in the mood.


Marriage itself becomes a choice. It’s not imposed.

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