10 Lessons You Can Learn From Old School Dating

10 Lessons You Can Learn From Old School Dating

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Dating today sucks. Labels have have no lines, tinder is tiring, political views, and what not. But what if we were to incorporate some etiquette from dating back in the day? Surely there’d be some people who’d disregard it, but who knows if this is the revival needed.

1. Getting The Car Door

Some would argue that chivalry is dead, but with this simple gesture, maybe it could be brought back. The same goes for pulling out chairs, getting any door, etc.

2. Taking A Break From Tech

If you’re on a date, put your phone away! It’s simply rude to be using your phone while on an intimate day/night with someone. Back then this didn’t pose a problem because we didn’t have phones on us all the time.

3. Not Being A Flake

Dates used to be a top priority. Nowadays they’re being cancelled for unnecessary reasons. You made a plan, commit to it. (Also, try being on time)

4. Labeling Helps

Back then, we used to make a big deal out of just asking their S/O to be their S/O. Nowadays people will feel feeling felt in relationships, do things done in relationships, but without any legitimacy. Sometimes a bit of confirmation and labelling gives people some peace-of-mind, instead of constantly wondering “What are we?”.

5. Compromise

People are so self-centered nowadays. Sometimes you just have to suck it up. A relationship is a two way street, and it’s your job to make your S/O happy. So what’s the big deal in doing something you don’t like but they do? You get to see the person you like with a smile on your face, and that’s definitely a plus.

6. Asking Instead of Stalking.

Before the age of facebook, instagram and twitter, people would ask their dates questions about things they wanted to know about them. Now people just google their date and find out everything, taking away that engaging and connecting conversation.

7. Flowers

Sure, people say they die fast and are a waste of money. But showing up with flowers, or sending some over is a really nice gesture that shows you like someone.

8. Picking Them Up

Another tip for the guys, picking your date up from her doorstep is simply classy. Even moreso if you incorporate the previous point.

9. Being Yourself

People used to be true to themselves, whether or not it affected the outcome of the date. Nowadays people outright lie about themselves in order to get someone to like them. Don’t do that. Just don’t.

10. Being Transparent

Be straightforward, tell them what you want and what you’re looking for. Be honest with compliments and don’t overly sugarcoat them. And please don’t play mind-games. That’s not a nice thing to do. It can really mess with people.

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