10 One-Minute Short Films You Can Watch Right Now

10 One-Minute Short Films You Can Watch Right Now

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Storytelling is an art, and art varies greatly. Some filmmakers take hours to put a story across, but some can do so in a matter of a few minutes. Then there’s those that only need a minute. It’s quite the task to put across such compelling stories in a minute. Here’s 10 of those one minute films that will stay on your mind for much longer.

1. Wildebeest

An animated short, Wildebeest runs in a perfect loop. Without any cuts or machines, this film runs with just a few graphics all in one scene.

2. Black Hole

They say you should never mess with laws. Be it of your nation’s legislation, or of the universe.

3. The Evening Cigarette

A brilliant animated short, that goes to show that cigarettes will kill you. Now how they will, is a bit interesting.

4. The Present

We all fight battles everyday. Not literal ones, but figuratively. As a man battles with his own conscience, this short shows a present no one wants to be on the giving or receiving end of.

5. The Explorer

When you’re on a mission and you’ve dwelled deep into it, the last thing you should worry about is your little brother annoying you.

6. Late

They say old habits die hard. The way this film is presented makes us attached to the characters in less than a minute, and right when you think it’s one thing, that twist hits you outta nowhere.

7. The Last Performance

This film is a bittersweet one as it depicts a blind musician’s final performance. Your head won’t stop thinking and questioning about the characters.

8. Migration

A marvellous yet simple film, Migration follows the journey of a group of red balloons going wherever the winds takes them paired with an amazing ending.

9. Dark Valley

This one minute short will have you biting your nails with all the suspense. Dark Valley has many layers to it if you watch it more than once.

10. M-22

Quite peculiar, M-22 is, as it’s actually a documentary! It uses breathtaking visuals and sounds to show how a man with a stutter suffers.

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