10 Reasons A Phone Is Better Than a Bae

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Relationships are meh. It’s all nice and sweet in the beginning. But then they fizzle out with jealousy, irrationality, and reality. But who needs a bae when you already have something better? I’m talking about your phone. The one who’s actually always with you. Here’s 10 reasons why your little technological wonder of a buddy is a better companion than humans.

1. They’ll always agree to whatever TV show you pick, and they silently watch it with you.

2. They always make sure your life is in order with those cute little reminders and alarms.

3. They keep you the kind of silent company you can enjoy.

4. They let you dress them however you want.

5. They’re very loyal, and will always come with you wherever.

6. They will never judge you. You can search for Bigg Boss episodes at 4am and not a peep.

7. They respect your down time. They will not ring or make a sound, just ask them to “do not disturb”.

8. Like I said, they won’t judge you, even while you’re binge watching netflix in your underwear.

9. They always remember your favorite songs, and will play them anytime for you.

10. And lastly, they’ll endlessly supply you with… MEMES!

Kanye West at LAX in October, looking like us.

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