10 Quotes By R.M. Drake That Will Make You Fall In Love Every Time You Read Them

10 Quotes By R.M. Drake That Will Make You Fall In Love Every Time You Read Them

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A beautiful writing on feelings can touch every human’s heart. Not everyone can write that well. But the ones, who can, connect you with words in the simplest way possible. You might have never been a part of it when it was written. But, the magic of writing these words in a particular way will always manage to touch your soul. And, with so many social media platforms available today, you don’t have to put in any efforts to meet these people. It automatically trends if you have follow similar interests. And, the same happened with me when I was exploring some new accounts on Instagram and came across this account that belongs to R.M. Drake.

The entire account consists of shortest notes. There are quotes in the form of poetry and phrases that instantly relate to any random incident that has taken place in your life. It has no names mentioned, just words that hold a feeling of this person’s life. Some make you smile, some take you back in time. While some, they might dig a hole in your heart and could make you cry. They’re emotional and inspirational. And, here are 10 Quotes that will make you fall in love every time you read them!

Some people have a special connection with the ocean. They see themselves in the water and find the dreams they’ve lost on the shore.













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