5 Things About Sex That Teenagers Know The Best!

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5 Things About Sex That Teenagers Know The Best!

Before we start this article, *Mandatory age restriction guideline*. If you are below 18, then please go back and do not continue reading this article, even though this article is based on Teenagers, It is for Teenagers aged 18 or 19. Go back! (As if you are going to go) But for the love of god, GO AWAY KID! And now back to the topic… I said GO!

Times have changed, if you are a parent, you might think about your teen child and say that even you were a teenager once, and you think you know what is going on in their mind! And same goes for the topic ‘SEX’ which you don’t talk about, because this is INDIA, and you don’t talk about sex with your child! But as we already said, Times have changed, and there are things that even the elders don’t know about sex which teenagers know! Have a look.

1. New ways – Sex chats.

Combine the mad craze of smart phones and the obviously horny teenagers. Bam! Sex chats! As there is the rush of hormones in their current age and the obvious restrictions on talk about ‘SEX’, teenagers learn through internet, or their friends, and with free chat apps and smart phone in the hand of every teenager, there are sex chats, and trust me, they are GOOD!

2. Anal Sex.

This might be a common myth that the elder generation was open about Anal Sex, but the truth is they weren’t. How do we know? We just know. But the current generation, learning everything from INTERNET and by internet we mean PORN are quite surprisingly casual about anal sex. ‘Anal Sex’ is a thing which is one of the most popular on the internet, and thus watched by newbies.

3. Making out is more fun than having sex.

Having sex, is a common healthy practice, usually done by adults. Teenagers start with kissing, and gradually moving forward to cuddling and making out. In their personal opinion, they are not yet ready for the painful yet ‘awesome’ experience of sex, Kissing and Cuddling is actually not painful but more fun and very much comfortable for the newbies.

4. Masturbation is OKAY.

Making a huge scene about masturbating in older times was common practice. But teens this time have the immense knowledge from GOOGLE. Masturbation is a common practice done by every boy on earth who is older than 14 or 15, or to be on the safe side, 18. Even Women do this, but they start at a later age! And teens these days, knows what they are doing and know their urges! (Sincere request to parents, if you ever catch your child masturbating, just be cool about it, instead of making a scene, and making them drown in shame).

5. Protection is must.

Though there are various stupid cases of teens getting pregnant because there were no protective measures taken. Teens are now learning that wearing a condom or other protective measures is a must, Thanks to the Indian Govt. for spreading awareness about condoms and other protective measures.  And even 18 year old boys are not shy about asking for CONDOMS at medical shops now. They know, either they can use protective measures or no sex!

This is a very common knowledge that a teen aged 15-18 also has knowledge about SEX from the internet or from their friends, but we here do not wish to take away the parent-child talk, that they should be having. An important message to parents –  ’ Your child knows things, your child is aware about his sexual urges, talk to him/her, make them aware and tell them that you are okay with this and this is completely natural. ‘ . Each and everything mentioned above is common knowledge and nothing in that is new. And if you are a teenager, you are cool buddy! Have fun, but always know that there are some limits!

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