10 Spine Chilling True Paranormal Stories From Around The World!

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10 Spine Chilling True Paranormal Stories From Around The World!

There are good things in this world and then there are paranormal activities and hauntings. There are wonders like Taj Mahal and Eiffel Tower and then, there are haunted places like Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan. The world is filled with mysteries and incidents that remains unexplained till date. No amount of science and research could solve this mystery and that makes it ever scarier to even think about it. So, here we bring you the top 10 factual paranormal happenings that will keep your mind wondering about paranormal presence in this world and around us.

1. Friends in Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

Legends say that the Bhangarh Fort is haunted and this is the only reason even the Government of India has banned the entry in the fort after the dawn. But somehow, a guy managed to get inside the fort to find out if there was really something inside the fort. He was screaming inside the fort and so even his friends went inside to find him. When they went inside, they found him lying unconscious. They rushed them to the hospital and on the way to the hospital, they met with an accident and not even a single one of them survived the crash.

2. The Shadow, Australia

A teenage girl living in Australia sensed a shadow presence in her house for about two years. They were a happy family with the mother being a psychic. She had some supernatural abilities and so did the daughter. Her mother used to save the family from all the otherworldly things but when things started falling apart between her father and mother, they filed for the divorce. After the divorce, the girl lived with her father and was very angry and sad for the break up. She sensed there was someone else in their house except herself and her father. When she was alone, she sensed a shadow walking in the house, things falling, doors closing and some weird noises. She ignored it and was very normal with it because she knew if she paid attention, it would have been more powerful and might hurt her and her father. They moved from that house and she never saw that ghost again.

3. Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, UK

This is the most famous incident of ghost spotting in the entire world. In the year 1936, a photographer captured an atrocious image of a ghost floating on the stairs of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, UK. That Raynham hall is huge and has a long history of being haunted. The ghost which was seen was that of a lady walking down the stairs and it is widely believed that the ghost was of Lady Dorothy Townshend, the wife of the second viscount of the estate. She had died in the year 1726 due to smallpox after having an affair that her husband had found out before she passed. It is believed that that ghost of the lady is still there and wanders in the hall on dark nights.

4. The forest of suicide, Japan

This is one of the most mysterious places in the world. The Aokigahara forest is located at the base of Mount Fuji. Shockingly, after a novel was released by a Japanese writer which was about couple committing suicide in the forest, the rate of people committing suicide in this forest increased about 50%. The forest is dense and thus, police patrolling is not possible in that forest. It is believed that the forest is heavily haunted and the poltergeist in the forest somehow encourages the visitors to kill themselves.

5. The exorcism of Anneliese Michel, Germany

Anneliese was only 16 years old when she was possessed. She began suffering from paroxysms. Her parents were worried and visited a doctor who diagnosed her with strong psychosis. She would urinate and lick it, make demonic faces, eat coal, tear her own clothes and even hear voices which would tell her that she was ‘damned’. Her parent thought to call in a priest when medicine didn’t work and the priest performed about 76 exorcisms on her. She died due to starvation because she refused to eat anything. It is a baffling mystery what actually happened to her.

6. Neb – Senu’s movement, England

Neb – Senu is an ancient tiny Egyptian statue. The statue is kept in the glass box at Manchester Museum in England. The statue is etched with the prayers of the death. The speculation started when one day the museum caretakers found out the statue was facing the other way when only very few people have permissions to access it. When asked about it to the people who had the permissions to touch the statue, every one of them denied touching it. It is believed that the statue represents a person who died and that person haunts the statue and moves it in circles about its axis.

7. Haunted Hospital

In the year 1976, a man named Allen Showery killed a fellow hospital worker named Teresita Basa by stabbing her and then setting her body on fire. There was no evidence that could point out the blame on Showery. However, years passed and another worker in the same hospital named Remy Chua claimed that she saw Basa walking the hospital lobby and she could feel Basa’s spirit in her body. One evening, after work, she came home and spoke to her family in Basa’s voice stating that Showery was the killer. The police were informed and when they investigated Showery’s house, many belongings of Basa were found in the house. He later confessed killing of Basa and was sentenced. Nobody knows why and how Basa’s spirit came to Chua and the mystery remains.

8. Strange Creature, USA

In the year 1973 a kid named Greg Garrett was playing in the backyard of his house all alone when he was attacked. He was not seriously injured or something but when his parents asked him about the attacker, his description bewildered the hell out of everybody. Not only that kid, several other people around that area got attacked by the same creature and they all give the same description about that creature. According to the victims, the creature who attacked them was having three legs, five feet tall, taloned arms that curl in the front of the torso like a T-rex, and gleaming red eyes that peer out of the dark with a weird radiance. The creature was never captured nor sighted since then.

9. The Strange Mystery of Alfred Lowenstein

It was a beautiful evening of July 4th ,1928 when a fabulously wealthy businessman named Alfred Lowenstein boarded his private jet at Croydon airport. Witching minutes the plane was airborne and soon Alfred started working and taking notes. After few minutes, Alfred got up from the seat and went to use the bathroom. Everything was pretty normal until it was about 10 minutes Alfred didn’t return from the bathroom. Fred Baxter, Alfred’s loyal valet, who was on the plane with him among sever others grew restless about Alfred and knocked the door of the bathroom. When there was no reply from the bathroom, they bashed opened the door and discovered Alfred Lowenstein had disappeared in thin air without a single trace. Several paranormal and betrayal theories have been linked to Alfred’s mysterious disappearance but the mystery still remains.

10. Strange case of Emilie Sagee, France

Emilie Sagee was a very good teacher in an exclusive girl’s school. She never stayed at the job for long and kept continuously changing her jobs for some reason. In 15 years of her teaching career, she had left about 19 jobs! The spookiest thing about her was her paranormal doppelganger whom everybody could see but her. Her spectral twin was first seen during a class, as 13 students witnessed the doppelganger standing by Sagee’s side and mirroring her movements. The apparition also stood behind her pantomiming her movements while Emilie was totally unaware of it. They mystery was never solved as Sagee was fired when parents complained about the ghosts.

[Note: These are the stories curated from the internet. BuddyBits does not support/ encourage/ acknowledge/ endorse any of these stories. We neither take guarantee of authenticity of these stories. Featured photo is a still from the movie The Conjuring 2.]

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