Here's Why Dating An Introvert Is The Best Thing!

Here’s Why Dating An Introvert Is The Best Thing!

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Do you know what it is like to sit at a peaceful place and have endless conversations? What it is like when someone wants to concentrate on you while you talk and talk? Who enjoys wine over beer and wants to cuddle in bed and watch a movie? Dating is fun with people who love loud parties and fancy dinners but it’s beautiful, simple and more fun when you have a person who prefers the simplest things for the best moments. And, that happens when you date an introvert. And, here’s why dating  one can is the best thing ever!

1. They enjoy the beauty of silence

That’s the best part. They hate parties, noisy places and hardcore believers of spending time at a peaceful place. It could be a long walk, a peaceful dinner with wine, a riverside moment, under the twinkling light. You experience peace when you’re around them.

2. They’re the best listeners

They would look at you, read your eyes and hold hands while you talk. They would listen to everything you have to say. They won’t have much to say but would have the best advice to give if you’re facing a downfall.

3. They’re the ones to take things slow

They don’t rush into things. They care about knowing you and letting you them first. They open gradually with time. Dating an introvert is a journey. They’re a mystery box who would open once they really, really like you.

4. They’re sensitive and supportive

They are kindhearted and emotional. They’re empathetic and would out themselves in your shoes to know about you. Moreover, they will be supportive and understanding.

5. They’re creative

They spend so much time with themselves. They love creating things. An introvert you’re dating could open a whole world to you. They would sing, draw, write or read to you.

6. They won’t give up easily

If anything goes wrong with them, they don’t believe in giving up. They would give in 100 % to get what they want. They’re hardworking, patient and learners. Giving up is not their thing.

7. They’re very loyal

You mean the world to them if one of them has fallen for you. They don’t open up to anyone or everyone. So, if they really like you, they will never ever lie, cheat or run away from you. They’re loyal and modest.

8. They love simplicity

They know, they don’t belong to a jazzy world. The glitter and glam is not for them. They like simple things. Your hours could be at home instead of a restaurant with pizza, it would be a good movie over a theatre. They would create something for you instead of buying an expensive gift.

9. They’re possessive

It’s hard to share what is theirs. They would hate having you gone with a bunch of people where they can’t or don’t want to be. They cannot handle the tragedy of having you getting any attention from the rest while you’re away. You know you’re precious and they care way too much. That makes them very possessive.

10. They’re keen-eyed

They’re observers. They could look into your eye and know what’s going on. They would know if things are different. And, you have that one person you wouldn’t have to express everything when you feel low. They will know and instantly hug you or would know what to say to make you feel better.

Dhwani Bhatia

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