How Would A Day Without Electricity Go?

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How Would A Day Without Electricity Go?

Having a power cut is not a big deal if it comes back within some hours. But when there is no sign of power for 24 hours, it definitely is a BIG deal. Having no source of electricity for a day tests if you are prepared to live off-grid or not! Having no power for a longer period could quickly turn into a life threatening reality for those who are not prepared for such an occurrence.

Without electricity, the following things will lose its importance and our life may slow down:


Lights are the most basic luxury that we have during the night and even during the day. How long will your flashlight provide you with light?


The kitchen will not be in use as now a day we almost use electrical items such as oven, microwaves, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer and many others. We may have to get back to the traditional method of cooking which include a lot of handwork and no use of electricals at all.


Mobiles will work only as long as there is the battery charge. Once the charge is over, your phone will shut down leaving you in a no communication mode. Every person is connected to one another through mobiles and it will be impossible on days when there is a power failure.


Many buildings nowadays provide air conditioners with the flat itself. We also tend to turn on the air conditioner whenever we feel hot and the weather temperature is high. Decade have passed, we have lived in the convenience of an air conditioner, imagine having a power cut during the summer!


Water will be a major issue as it is needed by everyone for survival. All the city municipalities have their power generators to pump the water and as long as their generator is fed by fuel, the water will be in flow. But what will happen once the fuel is over?

Looking at the things above, we need to know the usage of each thing. And if we do not use these things with utmost care, we may fall victim to uneasiness.

When there is a power cut, we realize the importance and value of electricity. After dark in a place without electricity, getting home can be very dangerous, especially for women. The roads become very easy for people with criminal intentions to hide in.

A positive thing about having a power cut for a day is that we can spend time with our family members. These days with new technologies coming up every now and then, we spend less time with our family. we are more into our work compared to being with our family.

To live without electricity for even a day would be a challenge.

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