10 Things That Will Bring Happiness In Your Life According to Feng Shui!

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Do you ever wonder why do people give turtles or Laughing Buddha as gifts? Why all the richest families in the world have such minimal furnished houses? What is the use of a fountain at an office coffee table? Why doors around you should be good and attractive? All these concepts come under Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a chinese philosophical practice that helps us harmonizing with the surrounding environment. Feng Shui means wind and water. It helps us create a positive environment around us. It could be our home or an office. Implementing this chinese practice helps us seek a healthy productive atmosphere.

And, theses are 10 Things according Feng Shui that will bring happiness in your life.

1. Fountains

Water is a symbol of wealth. Water itself makes you feel powerful and energetic when you look at flowing water. It refreshes you and holds a very positive impact on our mind. A small fountain at your work space can create a very wealthy environment.

2. Laughing Buddha

Spotting a Laughing Buddha is a very regular thing. Every house, every office, every occasion for that matter has a Laughing Buddha. The chubby belly, the smiling face and the dancing posture indicates happiness, peace and prosperity. Placing a Laughing Buddha in front of a door is a sign of good fortune.

3. Lucky Bamboo

Plants have always been the reason of a peaceful environment. And Bamboos bring in luck and happiness. Keeping a lucky bamboo is like keeping good luck by your side.

4. Wind Chimes

If you have been going through a rough phase, chimes will help you balance it. Specially during financial crises, chimes have the power to keep the surroundings positive and regain the loss.

5. Open Spaces

A house or an office with a lot of breathing space keep your mind calm and moving. A house or office with too much clutter is responsible for a mental block. With open spaces, air and light have the access to pass which avoids suffocation and discomfort.

6. A Strong Attractive Front Door

Spend a lot on doors. They have to be attractive to bring in the vibes of warmth. It has to be welcoming to make everything feel happy and comfortable. It’s strength symbolizes protection and power to hold the negativity to enter. A strong, attractive door is a sign of security, good luck and abundance.

7. Clutter-less Environment

Discard everything that is no more in use. It could be a pile of newspapers, a damaged electronic item, old clothes, broken frames, etc. Anything that might get you aggressive or angry or something you will have to push it away because it disturbs your schedule, get rid of it! Make room for the things that are useful and will help you in someway.

8. Add Red, Purple & Green

Bring in Lavenders, paint a wall with a red patch. Add more forms of plants in green. The red colour is considered auspicious. The colours that lighten your mood, when visible around create a healthy environment.

9. Round Dining Tables

Sharp edges create a distance. Dining table is that one place that brings in all the members of the family together. A round shape connects everything. It avoids distance and has no edges. It’s a happier state of mind.

10. Bring in Pairs of Two, Four, Six and Eight

Surround yourself with pairs and avoid the odd figures. Bring two chairs for the corners, Double the nightstands, add frames with photos with people. Keep the feeling of “solo” away. It piles up the feeling of being lonely during the low days.

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