This Guy Wants Something From Narendra Modi, Has Been Tweeting To Him Since 9 Months!

This Guy Wants Something From Narendra Modi, Has Been Tweeting To Him Since 9 Months!

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We’ve been hearing how pro-active and netizen friendly our current government is. We’ve seen such instances time and again, when last railway minister Suresh Prabhu, External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself have been replying and helping out those who reach out to them on Twitter. But there’s this one instance where the help hasn’t arrived yet.

Twitterati Brijesh Muliya (@Brojeshh) is asking for something from Prime Minister Modi since April 2017. He has Tweeted to the PM for 9 months for over 90 times, but his request hasn’t been heard yet.

What Brijesh wants?

Twitterati doesn’t want much. Just PM’s Kurta Pajama and Jodhpuri suit. Having followed the PM since his childhood, and being a fan of his speeches, Brijesh is highly impressed by PM’s dressing style and wants to wear Kurta Pajama our PM wears. Here’s his first Tweet.

First Tweet

Another Tweet


The one in June month

The one on his Birthday


And this!

Ain’t giving up.


Itna to kar hi sakte ho?!

He also tagged others. 

And even today!

Why is Brijesh being ignored?

It’s not like he has asked for a Air charter or a seat in the Lok Sabha or something. Brijesh is simply asking for PM’s 2 pairs of clothes. Being a huge fan, he doesn’t deserve such small gift? Why is PM ignoring him?

Let’s support Brijesh. 

Go to Twitter and Tweet to Prime Minister (@NarendraModi). Ask him to send @Brojeshh two pairs of clothes. Your one Tweet can change someone’s life.

Just do it.

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