Virat Kohli’s Answer To Manushi Chillar’s Question Is The Reason Why We Love Him So Much

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Virat Kohli's Answer To Manushi Chillhar's Question Is The Reason Why We Love Him So Much

The youth of India today has been a complete inspiration to us. We have cricketers like Virat Kohli who has been an idol for so many youngsters and now, Manushi Chillar who is just 20 and was crowned Miss World just recently.

Virat & Manushi both met each other at an event recently and she had a few questions for Virat.

“You are one of the best batsmen in the world today and you’ve been such an inspiration. You’ve really given back to the society. But there are a lot of young people who draw inspiration from you. How would you like to give back for children, especially in the world of cricket?”

With Virat, who’s been a charm of every person’s eye gave the most charming reply to the question, our newly declared Miss World just asked. He said,

“Well, what’s very important to understand is when you do what you do and you express yourself on the field, it has to be genuine and it has to be from the heart. Otherwise if people find out that you’re trying to pretend, then they can never connect to you. I’ve never tried to be anyone else. I’ve always been myself; I always mention that people had a lot of issues with how I was, how I conducted myself, but I had never had any problems with that.”

He accepted, the change comes to a person only when it comes to someone from within.

“The moment I started to think that I need to change, is the only time I changed. Everyone has to go through a mutual process to be where they get to in life to become more mature. What’s very important to understand is one should never lose their own identity, character and personality because if you try to be someone else you can never succeed, and you can never inspire others.”

He agreed on having faith.

“The one thing that I believe in is that there’s something much stronger that’s making us do what we do. We ourselves don’t have the ability to go out there, score runs and take wickets all the time. We must believe that everyone has a plan and that plan has been executed for them at the time they are in, and all they can do is work hard, no one can change the plan, what we can do is work hard and be honest with ourselves.”

Virat Kohli is truly an inspiration of today. He made his debut in the Indian team a year ago and has already won our hearts and respect. And, after reading these words, we clearly know why.

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