Zomato Strikes Back At Those Who Got Offended By Their Ad With This One Tweet!

Zomato makes ultimate comeback with just one tweet.2 min

Zomato Strikes Back At Those Who Got Offended By Their Ad With This One Tweet!

Last week we shared how Zomato’s outdoor ads were killing it with all the creativity. But just one day later, Twitter went all outrageous about those ads. One particular ad mentioning MC BC caused the outrage. People started calling Zomato sexist. This one tweet by Suhel Seth started the storm.

Before the storm could make his way through Twitter, co-founder of Zomato- Pankaj Chaddah calmed the situation down with an apology. Within just 30 minutes of Suhel’s tweet, co-founder Pankaj Chaddah replied with an apology.

And not just an apology, they even promised to take down the ad which caused the outrage. Akshar Pathak, Zomato’s creative designer who came up with the ad campaign, too jumped in, but certainly not with an apology.

And co-founder’s reply to him was as quirky.

Zomato makes the ultimate comeback and kills it once more!

What impressed us the most is their one tweet, which slapped and buttered those outraging against the ad at the same time. Zomato’s reply stands the ultimate winner right now.

Look at the creative and read the caption carefully. Too many pun intended.

BuddyBits was among the first ones to acknowledge the creative campaign of Zomato. And we still stand by Zomato. We need something to outrage on everyday. Their ads were nothing but a perfectly blend of brilliant copyrighting and catchy creatives. I’m not sure why it started the outrage in the first place! That was absolutely not needed. When Bollywood makes offensive items songs, when Indian rappers write awful stuff, no one bets an eye. But when a startup does something, it’s a national issue.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. Don’t forget to claim your cashBaCk.

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