15 Things Fat People Can Totally Relate To!

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15 Things Fat People Can Totally Relate To!

You know you’re the odd one out if you’re the only fat person in the entire group. And, despite of it not being an issue for you, it’s an issue for the people around you. And, here are things you will directly relate to!

1. When you enter a room full of people, they will look at you as if a different kind of species has entered.

2. You have been compared to an elephant, panda, hippopotamus,etc.

3. If you ever slip or fall, the first thing that they will ask is “I hope the tiles don’t have a crack!”

4. They will always ask you to walk slow, because apparently your walking is the reason of the earthquake. 

5. Your eating habits are always judged. And, every time you eat, people tell you that there are chances that you might burst. 

6.  You hate the staring, you get when you ask for a second piece of cake. 

7. Your lap and tummy are the softest pillows your people will ever get to sleep on. 

8. People love pulling your poking you. 

9. Your chubby cheeks are loved by everyone. 

10. And, every time you hit the gym, you hate people hearing, “Why are you here? you’re beautiful however you are.”

11. Plus Size models inspire you all the time. 

12. Online Shopping is a nightmare. 

13. Having you noticed with a plate of salad leads to just one conclusion: DIET!

14. But, you’re body positive and comfortable in your own skin. 

15. And, you will always give the warmest hugs.

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