10 Things You Can Relate To If You Hate Pets!

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10 Things You Can Relate To If You Hate Pets!

We all have that one friend who will always run, jump and make disgusting faces every time he/she enters a house with pets.

1.  You will only enter the house if the pet is tied or locked in some room. 

You hate the jumping, the licking, the sniffing pets do. Specially a dog! In order to enter the house, you ask the family members to tie them!

2. You hate the fact that you have to sit on the same couch and bed where the pets sit. 

You will prefer standing, you will run your hands to clean that part of the couch more than twice before sitting.

3. The smell irritates you!

No matter how clean the house is, the smell will always irritate you.

4. You will run and climb anywhere in the house if you see the pet running towards you. 

You’re scared, very scared and you can’t have them around you. So you run!

5. You’re disgusted when you see your friend eating his/her food while they feed their pet. 

They will tell you that it’s not a pet but a family member. And, that they’ve given it a bath. So it’s okay to use the same hand. And, that disgusts you!

6. You don’t give a damn if they don’t respond to you! 

It’s okay if they don’t wag a tail or don’t greet you or bark at you or not run their paws around you.

7. You secretly wish to have the pet dead! 

The pets have taken away your hours from the boyfriend/friend/ relative you were supposed to meet behind their bath, vet check up and being prioritized over you. So you hate them even more and want them dead.

8. You cry out loud when they litter around your things! 

It’s a major breakdown for you when you see them littering on your shoe or your bag or on your foot.

9. You’re instantly friends with the people who hate pets too! 

There are more like you and you are so glad to have them met!

10. You are done being hated by people who love pets! 

You’ve been rejected, judged and maybe hated even more for hating the pets!

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