One Year Old Jasvee Is Diagnosed With Blood Cancer, She Needs Your Help!

Bhatiwal family needs your help.2 min

One Year Old Jasvee Is Diagnosed With Blood Cancer, She Needs Your Help!

One year old Jasvee is the life and soul of the Bhatiwal family. Her young and innocent laughter would guide her father Aaryan hurrying home each day after work. On this reliably happy scene of blissful family, tragedy struck out of the blue. Jasvee, who had been sick in spells since the age of eight months, was finally diagnosed with blood cancer, which is also known as acute leukemia.

A sense of despondency hung over the Bhatiwal’s middle-class home for days. But not for long. The family took stock of every liquidable resource they had to raise funds for Jasvee’s treatment, which would cost twelve lakh rupees. They faced a serious financial crunch, and this added injury to the woes they had already been dealing with.

Aaryan Bhatiwal is crowd-funding for the life of his baby girl

Aaryan Bhatiwal decided to take public support through a crowd-funding platform Impact Guru. He created a crowd-funding campaign to raise fund for leukemia treatment costs of her daughter. Description of the campaign page reads,

I am Aaryan Bhatiwal, my daughter Ms Jasvee is suffering from Leukemia. She is just 1 year old and unfortunately 10 days ago we got to know that she is infected by Blood Cancer which is also known as Acute Leukemia. She is the life of our family, a very cheerful child. Her smile makes our day brighter. But we are everyday seeing her in unbearable pain.

Now she is admitted in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai and fighting for Life. We have already exhausted our savings and I am facing great difficulty in getting funds for her treatment due to finance crisis.

He also specified where this money is going to be used. The funds raised through the campaign will be used for Jasvee’s medicines, hospital bills, bed charges, supportive care units, etc.

Aaryan needs your support

Within a month Aaryan has managed to raise 1.5 lacs from 45 donors through this campaign. He needs your support to save his little angel.

I want to take my baby home, one small donation can help me take my baby home healthy.

I would like to Request each and everyone of you please help her & Save Life of my daughter Jasvee. your help can save life of my child.I would never forget your favor life long.

How can you contribute?

Click on this link and donate whatever you can to help Bhatiwal family save the life of their family. Share this with your dear ones and help Aaryan save his daughter.

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