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10 Things About ‘Keeping Patience’ You Must Know!

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Here we go! Patience is a thing hard to achieve and keep. There are billions of people on this planet and most of them don’t have it or just simply lack! It’s a gentlemen quality really and you won’t find it in everyone! It takes a cool mind and a big heart to keep patience. We tend to lose patience even in the smallest of the things in our daily life like waiting in a queue at the ticket counter of subway or just simply waiting for your turn to speak in a conversation. It may be a hard to keep patience and we do agree with that! The term ‘patience’ actually originated when man realized that he was not the only n in the world and he has to wait at certain point in life to get his turn.

Stoicism may be frustrating when you are at it but then there are quite a lot of things that you don’t know about it just yet! So, here we are with the things about ‘Patience’ you must know about. Read on fellas!


If you’ve got a short temper, don’t at all blame your faultless heart! Half of the blame directly goes to that mind of yours. Yes, you read that right. Medical studies have proved that when there is a change in the frontal lobe of the brain, it leads to an individual’s impetuous behaviour like getting easily infuriated or irritated unlike patient people.


To try and increase your patience, try things that make you impatient with a strong will of not getting frustrated or irritated when you’re at it. You may fail miserably at it at the beginning but you’ll get ahold of it sooner than you thought. And once you master this art, you are patient as an ox.


Research have also proved that technology usage is immensely harmful to your brain and reduces your attention abilities and make you week on your self-control. Extensive gadgets can reduce your focus time to about four seconds and makes your mind unfocused than a Goldfish.


Another way of mastering your self-control and patience is stopping right at the moment of impulsiveness and taking a beat. You will feel a tiny heartwreck but then, it will all be just for your own good!


Patience takes time to build because it requires immense focus and control over self. Some methods like prayers, yoga or breathing exercises are known to boost your self-control and patience.


Scientist have researched for years and have come to the conclusion that patient people can exert their maximum efforts on any task they are upto, to achieve their goals as quickly as possible. Studies also show that patient people are also inclined towards the emotional side and are susceptible to feel, express and convey their heart out quite easily!


Achieving life’s best things like love, trustful relationship or any other personal or professional goals take time. It needs patience to build trust and work on the things you wanna achieve to be a success in whatever you do! The legendary footballer Lionel Messi said “I start early and I stay late, day after day, year after year, it took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success”.


If you teach patience to your kids at an early stage in their life, the better they will be! A study was conducted on children in the past century where children were offered a marshmallow or a similar treat and were asked to wait until the staff gets another one for them after some while. The children who were patient enough to wait for the second treat later scored higher marks on their SAT scores than the ones who didn’t wait!


Patience also makes you a better leader. It helps you diagnose, analyse, coordinate and organize your team and situations in order to produce maximal outcome! Most of the successful people in the world are patient. That’s one of the things that make them successful!


Being patient also helps you make good decisions in life. Like weighing out other options before making a big electronics purchase or just studying the pros and cons between all the available options and then, finally choosing the best one suitable for you. It also increases your probability of making good decisions in your future life!

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