10 Nail Biting TV Shows You Must Start Watching Right Now!

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10 Reasons To Watch "How to Get Away with Murder"

Do you enjoy curiosity just like I do? Something that holds your mind, gets you inquisitive about a liitle thing? Something that connects you to a solution with hints? Something that will take away your sleep and make you wonder “Why and how and who did it?” Binge watch these shows in the list below one after one that that hold the best dialogues, best cases with crimes that will give you goosebumps. Every minute of these shows will are nail biting. Your mind will have multiple conclusions while you have your eyes fixed on these.

1. How To Get Away With Murder

With 15 episodes in each season, this 4 season Tv series is an american drama based on a group of law students and a professor who were involved in a twisted murder plot that changes their course of lives.

2. Alias Grace

Gone back to the classic generation of Canada, Alias Grace is mysterious, breathtaking and the dialogues written will blow your mind. A show set with the most unpredictable end, is based on a life of a Canadian maid, who’s blamed for a murder that she doesn’t remember happening. The end of the the series will absolutely blow your mind.

3. Mindhunter

Time takes you back to the year 1977, where two FBI Agents along with a psychologist interview two imprisoned serial killers, to understand what lead WHY to to WHO to solve the ongoing cases. They want to understand the psychology of the need and the greed of the murders that take place.

4. Hannibal

Based on a relationship of an FBI Officer and a psychiatrist, Hannibal is a psychological-horror Thriller based on cannibalism. Murders take place in the worst way possible. There are bodies cut and Dr. Hannibal Lecter—the psychiatrist has the ability to empathize with the serial killers causing such murders.

5. The Punisher

If you’re a Marvel fan, then The Punisher is a hidden treasure for you. You night is going to be sleepless if you leave the show midway. The story revolves around the life of Frank Castle whose family is murdered. He’s a marine veteran and has only one goal in mind and that is to avenge them.

6. Sense8

8 Strangers from different part of the world share a psychic connection. Eventually realizing that they are grouped as “sensates” they all live their everyday lives and try to figure out they are connected to each other. A gripping masterpiece, you need to start watching right away!

7. Daredevil

Based on Marvel Comics yet again, Daredevil has Matt Murdock who fights crime as a blind lawyer during the day and vigilante by night using his superpowers

8. Fargo

The story following an anthology format, set in a different era with new characters appearing all the time with a minor overlap. The show takes you back to the 1970s where a young police officer is back from Vietnam. He is in charge of solving the the “true crimes” of the city. The entire show is involved with a lot of characters linked on common hint. The script has won an award of Outstanding writing and acting.

9. The Wire

The series centers around the city’s drug scenes. Introducing different institutions of the city Baltimore and the relationship of law enforcement, The Wire is lauded for its literary themes and its uncommonly accurate exploitation of society andd politics. It has altogether 5 seasons and is an absolute binged watching show.

10. Orphan Black

A Canadian science fiction thriller, based on a life of a street hustler who has witnessed a suicide of a girl who looks exactly like her. Known as an extremely addictive TV series, Orphan Black consists of 5 seasons.

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